You borrow an iPhone from your friend and accidentally break it.

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You borrow an iPhone from your friend and accidentally break it. by Mind Map: You borrow an iPhone from your friend and accidentally break it.

1. Explore the Alternatives 1. You lie and say someone else did it, or lie in any other way. 2. You go buy another one and download all her apps. 3. You tell the truth

1.1. Consider the Consequences 1.You would lie to your friend, saying you didn't do it, or someone else did. She might believe you, and be upset to the other person. She might also ask the other person and find out you were lying the whole time, making her not believe or trust you anymore, and making her upset with YOU. This is a bad choice to make, for it's very risky and lying is very bad. Even if you succeeded, you still would've lied to your friend. It would affect you for you lied, and affect your friend since her relationship with another might be ruined, and if she finds out you lied her trust to you would be ruined as well. 2. You would not tell your friend that you broke her phone, and go buy another one and download all her apps. Ok... this is a choice if you really don't want to tell your friend you broke her phone. But it's also a huge waste of time, going and buying another phone. Your friend probably will notice her phone is different, so the success of this choice is slim. It will even be worse if she asks you whats wrong with her phone, and when you explain or if you choose to lie. This might make her not trust you and not believe you. 3. You tell the truth, which will probably bring the best success throughout the 3 choices. You could tell your friend the truth, that you accidentally dropped her phone on accident, and are deeply sorry. Your friend might understand, and not blame you for it, she will understand that it will be a accident. She might also get mad at you, since she will get in trouble with her parents for breaking her phone. But telling the truth is better than lying, or trying to cover up your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, and you just need to understand that. This choice will be the best out of the three, for you are being truthful to your friend and not lying.

1.2. Identify Your Values It would be better to pick option three, for you are thinking for the best for yourself and your friend. Yes, she might be upset with you for breaking her phone, but that would be better than lying to her and her finding out, and not trusting you. Probably all religions would encourage you to not lie and tell the truth, not to lie. For your social welness and your friendships, you should tell the truth to your friends for they might be upset with you. This would be a good choice.

1.2.1. Decide and Act Option #3 would be the best out of the three. The first is just wrong, you shouldn't lie to your friend if you broke her property, much less blame it on someone else. Option #2 is just crazy and time consuming. Don't buy another phone and download all the apps just because you don't want to tell your friend the truth! The third is the easiest, and the best. Just tell the truth, and hope that your friend will accept it. If your friend is a true friend, she will see that it wasn't your fault and will forgive you. The first step you should take after you decided on option #3 is to have a time when she is alone and not around others, where you can talk to her. After you get her alone, first explain that it was an accident and you did not do it on purpose. Then explain the problem and somehow offer to make it better, prehaps paying for a new iPhone, or a part of it? Then if she is okay with it and realises that it was a mistake, then you are fine, but apologise. If she is mad, explain to her again that it was an accident and you will try and make it right. Evaluate the Results My decision worked out fine, since I made the right choice of telling my friend the truth, and not lying or trying to cover it up. It affected my life for I didn't plague myself with lies and doing the wrong things, and I did the right. It affected my friend well for it was the better choice than if she found out I lied to her, or tried to cover it up. I learned to do the right thing, even though sometimes it might be harder than the bad thing. To always be truthful to everyone around you, and even if you know your goign to get in trouble or make a mistake, just do it if it's a better choice. If I could do it over again, I would probably offer to pay a bit of the damaged phone or talk to her parents, so she wouldn't get in trouble.