Catherine the Great Was a Traditional Russian Tsar.

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Catherine the Great Was a Traditional Russian Tsar. by Mind Map: Catherine the Great Was a Traditional Russian Tsar.

1. She wanted a uniformed Russia

1.1. She applied a Group of laws that would apply to all social class with the exception of the surfs.

1.1.1. she made sure that government met all of the needs that the general population needed. she banned the use of torture and capital punishment, unless Russia's national Security was at risk. Counter: These ideas make it seem as if she did not want a uniform Russia because it put lots of restrictions on the people.

2. She kick-started Russia's Golden age

2.1. In 1766 she published a piece of work that stated that autocracy was the best form of government, and would fill the needs of Russia.

2.1.1. Education was always close to Catherine's heart. She believed a new kind of person could be made with the use of education. She brought many new types of art to Russia after the victory over the ottoman empire. Counter: These ideas seem like things that regular governments do everyday.

3. She continued Peter's work in the Chuch

3.1. When peter was the Tsar he was working on taking away the churches land, but when he died Catherine was the one to complete his task.

3.1.1. The church also had no control over there own budget it was controlled by the College of economy. She also closed a majority of the churches, 596 of them were closed and only 160 got government money. Counter: These Ideas seem to go against her idea to have a uniformed Russia, and that she wanted a Government run society.