Mind Map - Nick Lee

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Mind Map - Nick Lee by Mind Map: Mind Map - Nick Lee

1. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/183000-fine-for-man-who-joined-anonymous-attack-for-one-minute-8995609.html

2. This is a perfect example of how technology was used to commit a crime. The guy joined the famed hacking group, "Anonymous", and ended up paying for it. The group does many different kinds of attacks, but this one was a DDoS. They use automated software to constantly refresh the page, to cause traffic in the servers and eventually cause it to crash. This sort of crime differs from traditional crime because, well anyone with a little bit of knowledge and the internet can figure out how to do some damage. "Script Kiddies" are perfect examples how novice technicians can do damage. This sort of crime is much more prevalent and possible nowadays due to the fact that technology has become cheaper and cheaper over the years, giving more opportunities to obtain computer systems. All they need now is an internet connection, and start doing whatever they feel they want to do.