Chrissy's Goals for the Semester

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Chrissy's Goals for the Semester by Mind Map: Chrissy's Goals for the Semester

1. 1). Get good grades

1.1. Study

1.1.1. Use the Pomodoro method

1.1.2. Work on school work 9 to 5 with breaks

1.1.3. Understand to sacrifice some things for studying

1.2. Attend classes

1.2.1. Aim for 100% attendance

1.2.2. Don't stay up too late

1.2.3. Set an alarm each night

1.3. Put my best effort forward

1.3.1. Ask questions when necessary

1.3.2. Visit during office hours if unclear

1.3.3. Bring the necessary supplies (homework)

1.3.4. Focus in class

1.3.5. Be excited for learning's sake

2. 3). Nurture my relationships

2.1. Connect with my boyfriend

2.1.1. Skype him Anytime after classes and before 12AM EST (9PM MST) on weekdays Anytime on the weekends after 5PM EST

2.1.2. Play games with him Animal Crossing Mario Kart 7

2.1.3. Send him things via mail Snail mail Packages

2.1.4. Facebook/tumblr/Snapchat/Couple him

2.1.5. Watch funny videos together YouTube

2.2. Connect with my friends

2.2.1. Skype them Set specific times to interact with them

2.2.2. TAYLOR Skype Snapchat Tumblr

2.2.3. Interact in person Participate in activities with them Exercise Visit the city Do homework with them Talk to them in person

2.2.4. Snapchat/tumblr/Facebook them Get their info if I don't have it

2.3. Connect with my family

2.3.1. Skype them from time to time Set aside specific times to talk to them

2.3.2. Remember important dates (birthdays, Mother's Day, etc.) Set reminders on my planner if need be

3. 2). Be healthy

3.1. Mental

3.1.1. Destress Allow for "me" time Go somewhere where you can be alone Tell my roommate so she understands Exercise Talk to people Talk to my roommate Talk to my boyfriend Talk to my family/friends Listen to music iPod YouTube Pandora

3.1.2. Reflect Go somewhere quiet and alone Bring some thought provoking reading Talk to someone I trust Friends Family Boyfriend Professors/RA/Peer Mentor

3.2. Physical

3.2.1. Exercise Run Run with Rachel around campus Go to the IBC and use the treadmills for at least 30 minutes In Room Fitness Find a class YouTube iPhone apps Attend hapkido classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday in Pearson Hall 101 Take the stairs more than elevator

3.2.2. Eat right Opt for water instead of soda Choose more veggies Watch portion sizes

4. 4). Get 7+ hours of sleep

4.1. Set a bedtime

4.1.1. 12AM on weekdays

4.1.2. Whenever on weekends (If not necessary to wake up early)

4.2. Don't play on phone when getting in bed

4.3. Tell others of your bedtime so they don't try to keep you up

4.3.1. Be firm with people