Standards Based Reform

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Standards Based Reform by Mind Map: Standards Based Reform

1. For Learners

1.1. Advantages

1.1.1. Clearly defined goals for learning

1.1.2. Reasonable and appropriate goals

1.2. Challenges

1.2.1. Typically developing students have an advantage

1.2.2. Students unable to meet standards will need extra help

1.2.3. All students do not learn at the same rate.

2. For Teachers

2.1. Advantages

2.1.1. Teachers know what to teach

2.1.2. Teachers know the goals for the year

2.1.3. Teachers can collaborate because they are teaching to the same goals

2.1.4. Teachers can adapt lessons to meet student needs while working to meet reasonable and appropriate goals

2.2. Challenges

2.2.1. Teachers may have to do extra work to prepare their students to meet the standards

2.2.2. Standardized testing may not be aligned to the standards.

2.2.3. Marginalizes students who are unable to meet standards

2.2.4. All students do not learn in the same way.