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DevOps by Mind Map: DevOps

1. Business Need

1.1. Shift from: System of Record

1.2. To: System of engagement

2. Business Value

2.1. Enhanced customer experience

2.2. Increased capacity to innovate

2.3. Faster time to value

2.4. Efficiency

2.5. Stability through feedback at the source

3. Principles

3.1. Develop and test against production-like systems

3.2. Deploy with repeatable, reliable processes

3.3. Monitor and validate operational quality

3.4. Amplify feedback loops

4. Capablities

4.1. Plan and Measure

4.2. Develop and Test

4.2.1. Collaborative Development

4.2.2. Continuous Testing Verification of code Validate functionality and performance Continuously across the lifecycle

4.3. Release and Deploy

4.4. Monitor and Optimize

5. Adoption

5.1. People

5.1.1. Identify Business Objectives

5.1.2. Create an environment of sharing

5.2. Process

5.2.1. Change Management

5.2.2. Pratices Release planning Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery Continuous Testing Continuous Monitoring and Feedback Continuous Improvement

5.3. Technology

5.3.1. Infrastructure as Code

5.3.2. Delivery Pipeline Development Build Package Repository Test Environment Stage- and Production

5.3.3. Deployment automation Release Mgmt

6. New Problems

6.1. Cloud

6.2. Mobile Applications

6.3. ALM

6.4. Multi-Tier Applications

6.5. Supply Chains

6.6. Internet of things