Measures of Land Pollution

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Measures of Land Pollution by Mind Map: Measures of Land Pollution

1. International Measurements

1.1. What are the neighbouring countries doing to prevent land pollution?

1.1.1. Organised the earth's summit in 1992 and 2002 for world leaders to meet and discuss strategies to protect the environment.

1.1.2. Some of the commitments made at the 2002 summit were to manage toxic chemicals and to increase acces to clean water supply and proper sewage systems.

1.1.3. Singapore currently works with Indonesia and Malaysia to help prevent pollution in the Malacca and Singapore straits.These countries have implemented a mandatory ship reporting system which requires all ships passing through the Malacca and Singapore straits to report and provide information on any damages or defects they may have. Ships have to report any pollutants that are released from their vessels.

1.2. Which countries are causing land pollution

1.2.1. Indonesia

1.2.2. Malaysia

1.2.3. Philippines

2. National Measurements

2.1. What is Singapore doing to prevent land pollution?

2.1.1. Enforcing Laws & Regulations controls the amount of pollutants emitted by industries and to ensure that companies treat their waste before disposing them National Environment Agency ( NEA ) carries out programmes to monitor,reduce and prevent land polution.

2.1.2. Using Alternative Sources Of Energy uses alternative sources of 'clean' energy which does not release any harmful materials into the environment Eg. wind energy, hydroelectricity and solar enrgy

2.1.3. Educating the Public encourage people and industries to produce less waste conduct public education programmes such as campaigns and talks people are informed about harmful effects of excessive waste on environment this can help to reduce land pollution through the 3Rs - Reduce , Reuse and Recycle

2.1.4. Using Advanced Technology treat waste and remove pollutants this can help to reduce impacts of pollution

2.2. Are the solutions helping?

2.2.1. the amount of litters found in Singapore has decreased throughout the years

2.3. What can be improved?

2.3.1. Singapore can increased the awareness of the land pollution going on

2.3.2. Singapore can also encourage people the recycle their rubbish by putting up posters.

3. Individual Measurements

3.1. What can we do to prevent land pollution?

3.1.1. Collect old newspaper and recycle them into new and useful products to save paper

3.1.2. Use the 3 Rs (reduce,reuse,recycle)

3.1.3. Do not buy items that needs to be thrown away after using once to reduce the waste we produce

3.1.4. When going shopping,use recycled bags instead of plastic bags as it is non-biodegradable

3.1.5. Keep ourselves updated about national and international plans for environmental conservation

3.1.6. Buying environmentally friendly or 'green products' like rechargeable batteries with lower mercury content or products made of recycled materials

3.1.7. Getting involved in environmental conservation plans

3.1.8. Buying products that works against environmental conservation

3.1.9. Raise awareness about pollution to my friends and relative and encourage them to prevent pollution

3.1.10. Dont litter