SharePoint features

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SharePoint features by Mind Map: SharePoint features

1. One location, one version and easy sharing for all your documents

1.1. Document management system SharePoint handles versioning for you, documents exists only once. Accessible and editable via web interface.

2. One single location to communicate

2.1. Collaborative tools: use forum, blog, wiki instead of emails to communicate. As one project = one site, all information is stored in one place only No need to digg into thousand of emails anymore.

3. Quick access to the information

3.1. Search Engine: Retrieve any files within your organization more quickly and easily than ever before. Search engine is able to retrieve document from many difference source content:: SharePoint, share folders, websites ...from titles, keywords as well as from contents such as documents, events, profils, forums, blogs...

4. Reporting and dashboard

4.1. Get direct access, visualize and share all relevant information within your company using dashboard and reports Source data are stored in third parties application such as accounting, Production or HR application. You can manipulate data online using Sharepoint Business intelligence Excel pivot tables...

5. simplify validaton process in all your organisation

5.1. Sharepoint workflows: create instantanetly validation workflows from simple to complexe one, involving third parties applications. Use Sharepoint to validate and keep track of validation of reports to clients, timesheet from your team,

6. One single entry for all your employees / applications

6.1. Integration with 3rd party Integrate other application into Sharepoint. Create a expense sheet form directly in Sharepoint and connected to our ERP, Integrate your clients to your project's websites, and let them take part to forum, documents, Publish financia report, Production dashboard directly in Sharepoint....

7. track changes, follow, like, mention, hashtags

7.1. Social computing Use all powerfull features from social media in your business organisation be informed when a documnet, an event, a user profil is modified, suggest your collaborator a document to read, share knowledge using blog, to like your personal wall, share your knowledge with your personal blog, retrive feedback and comment using hashtag...

8. Your data organized and qualified

8.1. create one website in a couple of clicks for each department, project, or for temporary working group, invite peoples to the site and start to work. No IT department intervention required. Document are stored in one single place, and can be qualified at upload time, by keyword, accurate title, or by limiting the type of authorized documents (invoice, monthly report, expenses sheet...)