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My First Mind Map by Mind Map: My First Mind Map

1. HRH-385Search - As any user, I want to this website to have an advanced search page So that I could find classifieds specific to the criteria I enter (catch all)Auto Classifieds Platform11

1.1. HRH-438Search - As a user, when I put no text in the search box and hit enter, I want to get notified that I must enter text to search and redirected back so that it is clear what I must doAuto Classifieds Platform1

1.1.1. HRH-440Search - As a user I want to see search results when there are results so that I can find what I was looking for.Auto Classifieds Platform3 HRH-439Search - As a user, when I get no search results, I want to see a message on the search results screen that says "no results" so that I know what's upAuto Classifieds Platform1 HRH-421Search - As a user, I want to sort my search results after I have search So that I can actually see what I want on the top of the search resultsAuto Classifieds Platform3 HRH-419Search - As a user, I want see 20 ads for each page So that I could go to another page if I want to see another 20 ads.Auto Classifieds Platform0.5

1.2. HRH-448Search - As a SEO dude or dudette I want pagination rel=next and rel=prev html properties so that Google loves usAuto Classifieds Platform2

1.3. HRH-357As a search engine spider, I want to have canonical tags on the Category Page that has a different Sort criteria so that I do not index them as separate pages

1.4. HRH-441Search - As a user I want to ensure my search results are fresh and shiny so that I have the latest and greatest listings and listing details showing upAuto Classifieds Platform14

2. HRH-380As any user even dealers, I want to be able to post Vehicles ad (not parts or motorhomes) to GGC So that I can be like everyone else.Auto Classifieds Platform5

3. RJ-1033Check PHP 5.5 on RacingJunk staging15

4. HRH-348Message Module - As a user I want a screen to view my messages from other users so that I can see my what messages I have receivedAuto Classifieds Platform5

4.1. HRH-338[-] Message Module - As a user I want to message a user in a lightbox from a listing so that I can message them without losing my spotAuto Classifieds Platform8

4.2. HRH-369Messages Module - As a user I want to see an individual messages and all of its replies sorted by date and arranged by user so that I can see a message, its context, and replyAuto Classifieds Platform13

4.2.1. HRH-229[40] Messages Module - As a user I want to be able to reply to a message from the threaded conversation view so that I can respond to a message and see the response in context of the conversationAuto Classifieds Platform5

5. HRH-367User Admin - As a user, I want to be able to click on the Newsletter check box to subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter So that I canAuto Classifieds Platform8

6. HRH-370Refactor package listing typeAuto Classifieds Platform5

7. HRH-325[690] Setup AdminAuto Classifieds Platform40

8. RJ-1101Evaluate Amazon integration docs and spec out how long it would take to set up pixel on RJ3

9. HRH-371Dealer Module - As a site owner, I want to have dealers on my website So that I can make more money with people who post a lot of ads and pay me monthly. (Catch all)Auto Classifieds Platform

9.1. HRH-372Dealer Module - As a dealer user I want to see how many active ads towards my limit in My Ads So that I would know how many more Ads I would create.Auto Classifieds Platform5

9.2. HRH-376Dealer Module - As an admin, I want to convert a user to a dealer with a toggle So that we can have dealers on our siteAuto Classifieds Platform

9.3. HRH-379Dealer Module - As a dealer, I want to have my PART ad count towards my total limit So that I canNOT post 338290 part adsAuto Classifieds Platform

9.4. HRH-378Dealer Module - As a dealer who hit their ad limit, I want to receive an error message when I want to post an ad So that I cannot enter the posting process at allAuto Classifieds Platform3

9.5. HRH-375Dealer Module - As an expired dealer, I want to see my expired ads So that can see my active ads have been expired because my membership has expired.Auto Classifieds Platform19

9.5.1. HRH-373Dealer Module - As an expired dealer user, I want to NOT be able to see any messages So that I would know to renew my dealer membershipAuto Classifieds Platform

9.5.2. HRH-374Dealer Module - As an expired dealer user. I want to have all my ads expired ( immediately (see expired ad behavior needs link) So that I am not getting a free listing.Auto Classifieds Platform

9.6. HRH-377Dealer Module - As a dealer or featured dealer, I want be able to have several levels So that I have different ad limits (See dealer use case: Classifieds Platform2

9.7. HRH-384Dealer Module - As a featured dealer, I want to post Part ads as basic ads So that the parts section does not have any featured/premier adsAuto Classifieds Platform

9.8. HRH-383Dealer Module - As a featured dealer, I want to only select the featured package So that I won't mistakenly create premier or basic ads.Auto Classifieds Platform2

9.9. HRH-382Dealer Module - As any non-feature dealer, I want to post basic ad package for free So that I can create ads towards my limitAuto Classifieds Platform2

9.10. HRH-381Dealer Module - As any non-featured dealer, I want to cheaper prices for featured and premier So that I upgrade my ad to featured/premier at a discounted ratesAuto Classifieds Platform11.5