September Campaigns

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September Campaigns by Mind Map: September Campaigns

1. Doctored

1.1. Think and Feel

1.1.1. They think about how the medical sytem does not feel right, but they are still confused

1.1.2. They feel overwhelmed because health is such a controversial topic

1.1.3. They feel like they want to meet other like-minded people

1.1.4. They think about people who do not know what hey already know and want to educate them

1.2. See

1.2.1. They see people taking a pharmaceutical cocktail

1.2.2. They see the news talking about the launch of another drug

1.2.3. They see their medical doctor who says the exact opposite of YOU

1.3. Hear

1.3.1. They hear about the dangers of medication and the benefits of medication

1.3.2. They hear about the controversy surrounding health care

1.3.3. They hear it is expensive to be healthy

1.4. Say & Do

1.4.1. "I want my significant other to get it."

1.4.2. "I believe that medicine is the answer."

1.4.3. "I will listen to my medical doctor."

1.5. Pains

1.5.1. Taking medications but still sick and even worse

1.5.2. Not knowing the truth

1.5.3. Ovewhelm

1.6. Gains

1.6.1. Get your questions answered

1.6.2. Learn about an alternative to everything you have been told

1.6.3. Meet like minded community members

2. 7 Reasons Why Your Kids Need Chiropractic Care

2.1. Think and Feel

2.1.1. Chiropractic is dangerous for my kid

2.1.2. I want to raise healthy kids but I dont know how

2.1.3. I think that I ca't afford chiropractic for my entire family

2.2. Hear

2.2.1. I hear people telling me not to bring my child to a chiro

2.2.2. I hear about children who are being raised with poor habits that will shorten their life span

2.2.3. I hear my spouse saying NO to chiro care for the kids

2.3. Say & Do

2.3.1. "My pediatrician said no to chiro care."

2.3.2. "I gave my child cough medicine when they were sick."

2.3.3. "I am going to give my child a flu shot so they dont get sick this year."

2.4. See

2.4.1. I see my friends who DO NOT bring their kids to the chiro office

2.4.2. I see other children taking antibiotics

2.4.3. I see my spouse who is not buying in and it is making it impossible

2.5. Pains

2.5.1. I don't know what to do

2.5.2. My child is suffering

2.5.3. My spouse does not agree

2.6. Gains

2.6.1. Healthy and vital kids

2.6.2. Relief of the stress associated with knowing what is right, but not be able to make it happen

2.6.3. An entire family who GETS IT

3. Chiropractic's Birthday Party

3.1. Think and Feel

3.1.1. Think that chiropractic is not for me

3.1.2. Think of dozens of people who would be perfect for the office

3.1.3. Feel pain because many people in their life are suffering the same way they did prior to coming to your office

3.2. See

3.2.1. They see people in their life who are suffering

3.2.2. They see people taking a TON of pharm drugs

3.2.3. They see people who go to a chiropractor and are enjoying life

3.3. Hear

3.3.1. They hear that chiropractic does not work

3.3.2. They hear that it will take a long time to get healthy

3.3.3. They hear that there is always a pill that will make them feel better

3.3.4. They hear that you only need a chiropractor if you are in pain

3.3.5. They hear chiropractic is not for children because it is dangerous

3.4. Say & Do

3.4.1. “I will live with my chronic pain.”

3.4.2. “Chiropractic does not work”

3.4.3. “When you start with a chiropractor you will go forever”

3.4.4. “I wish my husband/wife would take better care of themselves”

3.4.5. “I can’t afford a year of care”

3.4.6. “My doctor said that I should stop seeing my chiropractor”

3.5. Pains

3.5.1. They are in pain because they are a victim to their health condition

3.5.2. They worry about the health of their children and their entire family

3.5.3. They worry about their finances

3.5.4. Their job creates enormous pains

3.5.5. They have no time for the things they enjoy

3.5.6. They are not accepted because they chose the wellness lifestyle and did not vaccinate their children

3.6. Gains

3.6.1. They get out of pain

3.6.2. Their children will grow up without the typical medical journey that most parents experience

3.6.3. They will have more energy and a clear frame of mind

3.6.4. They will experience more out of life

3.6.5. They will improve their self esteem

3.6.6. They will avoid lifestyle diseases

4. Teachers Referral Month

4.1. Think and Feel

4.1.1. They feel like they want their child to experience a life filled with success and health

4.1.2. They think about how much chiropractic care has benefited their life and how they want anyone who has influence over others to benefit the same

4.1.3. They think that their child's teacher needs to experience chiropractic care because the life of a teacher is filled with stress

4.2. See

4.2.1. They see children growing up obese and unhealthy

4.2.2. They see teachers who are stressed at work dealing with 20+ students

4.2.3. They see their own child as someone with limitless potential but they need to become exposed to healthy habits

4.3. Hear

4.3.1. They hear about their child's day in school and how the teacher brought in donuts

4.3.2. They hear about children who are suffering from lifestyle conditions because of the choices they make

4.3.3. They hear other parents talking about the drama that takes place in the classroom and how much stress the teacher must be experiencing

4.4. Say & Do

4.4.1. "I want my child to have a teacher who is on top of their game."

4.4.2. "I want my child's teacher to experience the chiropractic lifestyle"

4.4.3. "I am not sure how to get my child's teacher into the clinic."

4.5. Pains

4.5.1. Knowing their child is being exposed to poor health habits in the classroom

4.5.2. Knowing that their child's teacher is not living optimally because they are not under care

4.5.3. Superintendent recognizes that the teachers are stressed and it is going to cause damage

4.6. Gains

4.6.1. Teachers thrive

4.6.2. Students Thrive

4.6.3. Community Thrives

5. The Master Controller

5.1. Think and Feel

5.1.1. Chiropractic does not make sense

5.1.2. Once you start chiropractic I am told that I need to do it forever

5.1.3. I am already healthy -- my physical said so.

5.2. See

5.2.1. They see people in their lives suffering

5.2.2. They see their friends taking the medical route which is not working

5.2.3. They see the news talking about pharmaceutical drugs

5.3. Hear

5.3.1. They hear that chiropractic is a long term and expensive committment

5.3.2. They hear that medicine is making problems even woe

5.3.3. They hear a completely difference philosophy from their medical doctor

5.4. Say & Do

5.4.1. "I want to help my child thrive"

5.4.2. "I want to raise a healthy family."

5.4.3. "I trust my medical doctor."

5.5. Pains

5.5.1. People in my life are suffering

5.5.2. I am not living out full potential

5.5.3. I am overwhelmed and I don't know what to do

5.6. Gains

5.6.1. Peace of mind

5.6.2. Connect with other families

5.6.3. Have fun!!!!

6. The Truth About Flu Shots

6.1. Think and Feel

6.1.1. They feel afraid because flu season is coming and they don't want anyone in their family to suffer

6.1.2. They think about making this very important decision and the stresses it causes

6.1.3. They feel overwhelmed

6.2. See

6.2.1. They see signs for Flu Shots at CVS, Walmart, etc

6.2.2. They see the news talking about how bad the flu season will be this year

6.2.3. They see other people waiting in line for a flu shot

6.3. Hear

6.3.1. They hear about children and adults who suffer because of the flu

6.3.2. They hear that it is mandatory for them to get a flu shot in their business

6.3.3. They hear about people dying from getting the flu shot

6.4. Say & Do

6.4.1. "The flu shot makes sense. It will prevent the flu."

6.4.2. "I dont want my family to suffer."

6.4.3. "I have no other choice."

6.5. Pains

6.5.1. Overwhelm

6.5.2. Fear of sickness

6.5.3. Need to fit in and avoid controversy

6.6. Gains

6.6.1. Learn a healthy alternative to the flu shot

6.6.2. Family is safe

6.6.3. Meet other people who believe in what they believe