Buyology by Martin Lindstorm, Group-2

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Buyology by Martin Lindstorm, Group-2 by Mind Map: Buyology by Martin Lindstorm, Group-2

1. using the fmri test by showing images related to a brand with no logo shown (as for cigarets example) trigger same part of the Brian.

1.1. marketers found out no logo ads increases sales cause it open the doors, make it limitations free con conscious and subconscious free area

2. Neuromarketing

2.1. using the neurology to examine the mind process and the human subconscious

2.1.1. our conscious is just responsible for 10% of the buying decision

2.1.2. The subconscious -->which create the need&desire such thing consumer unaware of marketers using it to delver the real solutions Time for marketers getting deeper understanding the subconscious

2.1.3. Psychological study move with neurology NOW

2.2. by using the most advance Expansive (fmri) technology (KD1,500)/45min.

2.2.1. additional study took place on 2000 volunteer, called SST-steady state typography

2.2.2. By showing pictures, smell or music the brian activate. in away the person him/her self unaware of marketers need to know us more than what we know.

2.3. The need for Neuromarketing ?

2.3.1. Critically important, due to the huge new brands born every year --- ( most fail in a year) 8 out 10 in U.S. fail within 3mnth 52% new brands 75% individual products

2.3.2. what we are unaware of example of hollywood, where the brain acting while person watching a trailer for a movie up to come after months (the reward area)! Daimler-Chrysler found in their test (mini Copper) image light at (cute face area)!!!

3. Product Placment

3.1. memory of product is the best measure for ad's enhancement effectiveness

3.1.1. that leads for future buying, consumer brand memory must be dealt with special care. Fastes growing ways to reinforce BRANDs in Customers -head- brain, is by using product placement in the media content... i.e. American idol example

3.2. foundlings from the example

3.2.1. not only 20 sec ad

3.2.2. shape colour, images, repeatedly

3.2.3. Ford's 007 American idol

4. Mirror Neurones at work

4.1. Mirror neuron in human nature

4.1.1. example: iPod white headphones --> made almost every one want one the same and it did

4.1.2. like yawn, smile, tv sadness image... give me examples the effect is same when you are in a mall every one holding 3 4 5 6 7 bags and you're not the thinking of go buy hold a bag ... Yuppy Happiness dosage rush in head

4.1.3. the nerves in the brain are responsible for the feelings we get when we relate to something

4.2. Can we buy happiness

4.2.1. SADLY no why the happiness hormone Dopamine :) :):)-->COMES WITH Buying, cigarets, Drugs, Alcohol, positive companion, sports, and .....

5. Subliminal Advertisement

5.1. By James Vicary

5.1.1. showing images in speed of 1/3K of 1sec during late 50s and it worked at Cinemas by showing images of Coke and Eat popcorn sales went HIGH people get scared from using it as politicians weapon --> banned

5.2. new level

5.2.1. using music with words (imagine you own it) increase buying words like don't take it you'll get caught ... lowered shoplifting rate Decorations, images

5.3. Scince talking

6. Why We Buy, rituals & superstitions

6.1. Bibliography

6.2. using faith and Religion to sell----- Brands as using the Sacred, names,

6.2.1. Holy land soil. example ZamZam water in Funerals the cross of jesus

6.2.2. "if you remove the appearance that we are in control, both humans and animals become stressed" what does he mean --> clearly appear with the Pilots example. & the Killer example our perceptions for a ( Brand/Product) become more stickier when it have rituals...lead to stability

7. Visual auditory or other sensory message register below the level of our consciousness. only subconscious mind CATCH IT

8. The Power, Somatic Markers

8.1. marketing related to the body

8.1.1. i.e. Health German study Brand found the 50% of purchasing at P.O.S made up SPONTANEOUSLY HERE COMES THE Somatic Markers

8.2. THE Sense Of Wonder

8.2.1. Studies found --> including the Logo alone is not effective Including the Logo with other Sense of the 5 human sense are more effective and sticky in the

8.2.2. The signature sound crunch pop up THANK YOU TECHNOLOGY, THANK YOU FMRI

9. Neuromarketing: predicting the future.

9.1. Christian Dior J'adore

9.1.1. were tested with fMRI gave great selling's for CD