Secular thinking defines a world in time and space without any referent to any force or being that cannot be sensed or measured by science.

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Secularism by Mind Map: Secularism

1. Values

1.1. Life

1.2. Death

1.3. abortion

1.4. Family

1.4.1. Parents Same gender Different gender Terms "father" and "mother" relate to DNA contribution, or to role in family, not to gender identity.

1.4.2. Children

1.4.3. Marriage sexual orientation homosexual heterosexual transgender Number partners 1 male many female 1 male 1 female 1 female many male 2 or more male 2 or more female

2. History

2.1. Record of human experience

2.2. Record shows constant human progress

3. Human Being

3.1. Evolved from another creature

3.2. Becoming better and better

4. Science

4.1. Truth

4.1.1. Relative

4.1.2. Situational

5. Spirituality

5.1. Religion

5.1.1. No god is real. Some gods are the result of overactive imaginations Some gods are the product of mental illness that causes people to "hear voices." People who act in obedience to imagined gods deserve courtesy when their delusions do not conflict with the goals of human society. People whose obedience to their "gods" interferes with the compelling interest of society or the state must be stopped

5.1.2. Ceremony and vestments are requirements of religion

5.1.3. Ritual is "doing religion"

5.1.4. Religious books tell how to relate to "the sacred"

5.2. An experience can be spiritual without any connection with any god

5.2.1. Meditation

5.2.2. Candles, incense and aromas contribute to spiritual atmosphere and "connections"

6. Sex acts

6.1. Consensual

6.2. Amoral

6.3. No gender connection

7. Gender identity

7.1. Mutable

7.2. Determined by internal feelings

7.3. Not integral to sexual orientation

7.4. May lead to gender change

7.5. Not determined by DNA

8. Sexual Orientation

8.1. congenital

8.2. immutable

8.3. mutable

8.4. unrelated to gender

8.5. homosexual

8.6. heterosexual

8.7. bisexual

8.8. multi-partner

9. Art

10. Death

11. heterosexual

12. transgender

13. 2