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1. Did you noticed the Revolution ?


1.2. people way of thinking is changed over the last 2 decades

1.3. Book: The pursuit of WOW

1.3.1. a book describe the vision of new marketing

1.3.2. refers how big companies scared from the word change OLD OLD FASHION i.e Morgan Sn & Morgan Jonuior including good promising changes i.e dcc

1.3.3. the change happen with PASSIONATE people Steve Jobs example the junky filthy irrogant stubborn dirty but smart

1.4. Book: One to One Future

1.4.1. writters forcusing how marketer's simple truth of keeping old customer instead of get new ones

1.4.2. book show 4 kinds of Consumers- prospects customers loyal former

1.5. Book: Crossing Chasm

1.5.1. "new products/ideas reach diff. Groups of people 1st innovater 2nd early adopter 3rd majority 4th laggards

1.6. Books by Seth Godin

1.6.1. companies win when value the prospects attentions / not treating them as disposal

2. 8+1 PSs

2.1. the 5 Ps updated---> to 8 Ps

2.1.1. Used to be old theory classic theory if your Ps are write you had the chance

2.1.2. Product Pricing

2.1.3. Promotion positioning

2.1.4. Publicity Packaging

2.1.5. Permission Pass-along

2.1.6. Evolutionary new P Purple Cow remarkable service/product i.e (apple's white headphones, Nike Air Pump Shoes

2.2. Seith Godin suggest: --> stop marketing

2.2.1. use the resources to find something remarkable

2.2.2. find new niche and fill up i.e iPod for all ages uses

2.3. What's your goal

2.3.1. Inspire someone about your product

2.3.2. Specific target looks remarkable become wanted

2.3.3. Do your best work?

3. Boldfaced & Assertions

3.1. Remarkable ideaa

3.1.1. making something NOTICABLE i.e Amazing flying packages delivery Consumer Demand TV Adds

3.2. TV-industreial -----> Relation ship between

3.2.1. Growing companies depending on increase spends on MRKT

3.2.2. References TV an add for an add www using celebrities jaguar ch.5 Emirates Mont Blanc

3.3. Post Consumption consumer -Stuffed Consumer

3.3.1. Nothing is needed to buy

3.3.2. almost all got what they want

3.3.3. Too busy, no time to waste to search 'n compare stuff "made for us

3.4. Marketing department

3.4.1. wasting resources marketing a product

3.4.2. instead use the resources to find the P

3.4.3. it's more like no where to run other than finding the REMARKABLE

4. Why?? PURPLE

4.1. the sad truth about marketing a product/serv.

4.1.1. most people can't buy it cuz no $$ no time paying attention don't want it

4.2. Sooo many options

4.2.1. too many information all around too much of any thing is too much

4.2.2. remarkable IDEA's survive, spread like virus.. ideavirus r hard to spread with careless customer.

4.2.3. Solution : remarkable idea (silly ideas 20 years ago

5. Write and Edit

5.1. Don't be afraid to edit. Simple, memorable information is hard and requires filtering.

6. Administration

6.1. Deadlines

6.2. Contacts

7. Proofread & Finalize

7.1. Cover Page

7.2. Table of Contents

7.3. Bibliography

8. Traditional marketing rules is not enough any more

8.1. advertisements become old worthless fashion

8.2. people are stuffed with

8.2.1. to pay attention

8.2.2. informations products no time