Use of Mindmeister to create Activities

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Use of Mindmeister to create Activities by Mind Map: Use of Mindmeister to create Activities

1. Chemistry Geeta

1.1. Properties of compounds Research activity-Click on Link to see a possible start of what I expect from students for covalent bonding

1.2. Objective-To relate the physical properties of compounds to type of bonding present. Cognitive Skill-Understanding

1.3. Student Activity 1) Create a MindMeister account

1.4. 2) Students work in groups of five

1.5. 3) Relate physical properties to types of bonding using a Mind map include also intermediate types-Due in I Week...Research Project

1.6. 4) Share link with teacher

1.7. Teacher Involvement

1.8. 1)Teacher introduces class to mind meister and concept of mind mapping

1.9. 2) Teacher creates groups of five

1.10. 3) Teacher monitors and provides feedback online during the progress of student mind maps using the link provided

1.11. 4) Teacher monitors collaboration during the completion of the project.

1.12. 5)Teacher evaluates plans to determine if students understand topic

2. Vanessa's Creative Writing Learning Activity

2.1. Objective

2.1.1. At the end of this learning activity, the student will be able to: Describe the elements of a story, after a discussion within prescribed groups

2.1.2. At home, the students will be able to create a story, given the title and the elements of a story.

2.2. Teacher's Role

2.2.1. Home work assignment: Using the Mindmeister map, compose a story with required elements

2.2.2. Build the Mindmeister map with the class

2.3. Student Involvement

2.3.1. Group Activity: Describe each story element and give examples related to the topic.

2.3.2. Complete Home Work assignment

3. Phern

3.1. Social Studies

3.2. Topic: Individual, Family and Society.

3.3. Sub Topic: Family Types;

3.4. Objective : At the end of the lesson students should be able to understand the different family types in the Caribbean.

3.5. Specific Objectives; (1). Identify and define the different family types prevalent in the Caribbean. (2). Compare the different family types present in the Caribbean.

3.6. Activity- Individual Work to use Mind Mapping to identify various family structures present in the Caribbean. Each student is given a specific family structure to research and add to the map, at home. The map is then discussed in class and edits made by the teacher. The final map is used as a presentation.

3.7. Strategies/Methods: (1). Students will create MindMeister Account, (2).Teacher will randomly select students for three groups of five (5); (3) Working in their groups students will be asked to identify the different family types via brainstorming; (4). Using Mindmeister accounts students will create maps showing the various family types and their definitions; group leaders will share links with Teacher.

3.8. Teacher provides live feedback and clarification on the different family types and definitions online using shared links in the document.

3.9. Evaluation: Students are asked to conduct a survey as a homework assignment to discover the number of their classmates who belong to each family type. The data collected is to be included on the MindMeister Maps.

3.10. Follow up Activity: Students conduct mini interviews with classmates from different family types in order to make comparisons of the different family types. The information gathered is to be included on their MindMeister Map.

3.11. Resource Materials: Laptops, connectors,Projector, Internet Access.