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Atmosphere by Mind Map: Atmosphere

1. Acidifies Lakes and Streams

1.1. Aquatic Plants and Animals DIe

2. Water Vapour: 1% (Variable depending on environmental factors)

3. causes of air pollution

3.1. deforestation

3.2. carbon monoxide from cars

3.3. burning of waste material

3.4. indsutrial pollution

4. Combustion of fossil fuels which contain sulfur impurities .

5. what we should do to prevent air pollution

5.1. Use public transport.

5.1.1. prevent driving.

5.2. Do not burn plastic

5.3. Fitting all petrol driven cars with catalytic convereters

5.4. Prohibition of the use of open fires for disposal of domestic and industrial waste

5.5. Introduction of unleaded petrol and phasing out of leaded petrol

5.6. Reduction of permissible level of sulfur in diesel.

6. Carbon Monoxide

6.1. poison human's blood to form carboxyhaemogoblin

6.1.1. lead to lesser oxygen to organs in the body lead to death

7. carbon monoxide from cars

7.1. combines with haemoglobin to from carboxyhaemoglobin... poisonous. Which can be harmful to Human

7.2. Comes from car exhast and from burning of fossil fuels

7.3. colourless gas

7.4. Smoking produces CO. Don't smoke.

8. Sulfur Dioxide

9. More occurences of unusual weather conditions

10. Effects of Global Warming

10.1. Greenhouse Gases

10.1.1. carbon cycle Respiration Glucose+Oxygen--> Carbon Dioxide+Water+Energy Combustion of Fuels Decay and Bacterial Decomposition

10.2. Increase of average global temperature due to the build up of green house gases in the atmosphere.

11. The 3 air pollutants

11.1. Carbon monoxide

11.1.1. Incomplete of fossil fuels due to the lack of oxygen

11.2. Sulfur dioxide

11.2.1. Due to combustion of fossil fuels which contain sulfur impurities

11.3. Oxides of nitrogen

11.3.1. First, nitrogen combines with oxygen to form nitrogen monoxide. Then, nitrogen monoxide combines with oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide

12. Air pollution

12.1. effects of air pollution

12.1.1. breathing problems with may result in health issues

13. oxygen

13.1. combustion in factories and vehicles

13.1.1. carbon dioxide greenhouse effect Global warming

13.1.2. sulfur dioxide acid rain corrode buildings and statues poison fishes

13.1.3. carbon monoxide poisons blood to form carboxy haemogoblin

14. sources of air pollutants

14.1. CO-incomplete combustion of carbon-containing substances,

14.1.1. sulfur dioxide-volcanic eruption

15. Acid Rain

15.1. Harmful Effects

15.1.1. Leaches nutrients from soil Plants Wither and DIe

15.2. REducing Effects of Acid Rain

15.2.1. Calcium Carbonate to neutralize acid in lakes and rivers Expensive and Temporary

15.2.2. Catalytic Converter & Flue Gas Desulfurisation Help reduce emission of acid gases Helps remove air pollutants in Vehicle Exhaust

15.3. Other Measures

15.3.1. Burn less Fossil Fuels

15.3.2. Switch to Hybrid

15.3.3. Use lightweight alloys to make car bodies to improve fuel efficency