August Campaigns

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August Campaigns by Mind Map: August Campaigns

1. Delivered

1.1. Think and Feel

1.1.1. They think that they are unable to have alone/intimate time with their loved one because their child might wet the bed and wake up

1.1.2. They feel embarrassment for their child

1.1.3. They feel frustrated that this keeps on happening.

1.2. See

1.2.1. They see other families giving birth in a hospital

1.2.2. They see stories on the news about mishaps at the hospital

1.2.3. They see 1,000s of books on the subject

1.3. Hear

1.3.1. They hear that all natural birth is dangerous

1.3.2. They hear that pregnancy is painful and requires drugs

1.3.3. They hear that they need a medical doctor to help

1.4. Say & Do

1.4.1. They purchase tons of books to learn

1.4.2. They go to a la maze class

1.4.3. "I am afraid to give birth"

1.5. Pains

1.5.1. Nausea

1.5.2. Ignorance

1.5.3. Fear

1.6. Gains

1.6.1. Learn another strategy

1.6.2. Meet other expectant families

1.6.3. Bring a child into the world an all natural way

2. Family Field Day

2.1. Think and Feel

2.1.1. They think about doing a fun physical activity with the family

2.1.2. They think about connecting with like-minded community members

2.1.3. They feel the need the compete

2.2. See

2.2.1. They see other families playing outside

2.2.2. They see their old trophies from high school

2.2.3. They see their children sitting around like slugs

2.3. Hear

2.3.1. They hear about the importance of exercise for the entire family

2.3.2. They hear their children and spouse not wanting to move

2.3.3. They hear about sickness that could have been prevented with movement and good lifestyle choices

2.4. Say & Do

2.4.1. "I want to get my kids outside"

2.4.2. "I sign my kids up for camp so they can meet other kids"

2.4.3. "I want to meet other community members"

2.5. Pains

2.5.1. Lazy Kids

2.5.2. Nothing fun to do

2.5.3. Desire to compete

2.6. Gains

2.6.1. Have fun as a family

2.6.2. Get outside

2.6.3. Meet other families in the community

3. Get It Together

3.1. Think and Feel

3.1.1. I think that I am a victim to my circumstance

3.1.2. I feel unhealthy and ugly

3.1.3. I feel like I have no energy

3.2. Hear

3.2.1. I hear my inner voice telling me that I can't accomplish my goals

3.2.2. I hear about people making more money, losing weight, etc. and I have done nothing

3.2.3. I hear that my spouse is disappointed with me

3.3. Say & Do

3.3.1. "I don't know how to follow through"

3.3.2. "I am fat"

3.3.3. Hit the snooze button

3.3.4. "I don't know where to begin"

3.4. See

3.4.1. I see a charge on my CC for the gym for the past 6 months

3.4.2. I see my weight has increased

3.4.3. I see a list of goals that have not been touched

3.5. Pains

3.5.1. Depressed because they "failed" again

3.5.2. Overweight

3.5.3. Unaccomplished

3.5.4. Lazy

3.6. Gains

3.6.1. Inspiration

3.6.2. Kick in the butt

3.6.3. Proven strategy

4. Just Like Family

4.1. Think and Feel

4.1.1. Think that chiropractic is not for me

4.1.2. Think of dozens of people who would be perfect for the office

4.1.3. Feel pain because many people in their life are suffering the same way they did prior to coming to your office

4.2. See

4.2.1. They see people in their life who are suffering

4.2.2. They see people taking a TON of pharm drugs

4.2.3. They see people who go to a chiropractor and are enjoying life

4.3. Hear

4.3.1. They hear that chiropractic does not work

4.3.2. They hear that it will take a long time to get healthy

4.3.3. They hear that there is always a pill that will make them feel better

4.3.4. They hear that they will get the flu without a flu shot

4.3.5. They hear that you only need a chiropractor if you are in pain

4.3.6. They hear about the health insurance crisis

4.3.7. They hear chiropractic is not for children because it is dangerous

4.4. Say & Do

4.4.1. “I will live with my chronic pain.”

4.4.2. “Chiropractic does not work”

4.4.3. “When you start with a chiropractor you will go forever”

4.4.4. “I wish my husband/wife would take better care of themselves”

4.4.5. “I can’t afford a year of care”

4.4.6. “My doctor said that I should stop seeing my chiropractor”

4.5. Pains

4.5.1. They are in pain because they are a victim to their health condition

4.5.2. They worry about the health of their children and their entire family

4.5.3. They worry about their finances

4.5.4. Their job creates enormous pains

4.5.5. They have no time for the things they enjoy

4.5.6. They are not accepted because they chose the wellness lifestyle and did not vaccinate their children

4.6. Gains

4.6.1. They get out of pain

4.6.2. Their children will grow up without the typical medical journey that most parents experience

4.6.3. They will have more energy and a clear frame of mind

4.6.4. They will experience more out of life

4.6.5. They will improve their self esteem

4.6.6. They will avoid lifestyle diseases

5. Pack to School

5.1. Think and Feel

5.1.1. They feel like they want to help others who are less fortunate

5.1.2. They are thinking about school supplies for their child

5.1.3. They feel the desire to give back to the community

5.2. See

5.2.1. They see an itinerary of school supplies

5.2.2. They see families in the community stressed about finances

5.2.3. They see their children excited to have the school supply purchasing experience.

5.3. Hear

5.3.1. They hear about the amount of money it costs to prepare for school

5.3.2. They hear about other families who are struggling

5.3.3. They hear other parents talking about going school supply shoppinhg

5.4. Say & Do

5.4.1. "I want to help the less fortunate"

5.4.2. "School supply shopping is a drag"

5.4.3. "School supply shopping is a ton of money"

5.4.4. "I don't know how some families afford this"

5.5. Pains

5.5.1. Desire to help

5.5.2. Financial Pains and the stress this causes

5.5.3. Children who are whining about a particular supply

5.6. Gains

5.6.1. Help the less fortunate

5.6.2. Help other people begin the chiropractic lifestyle

5.6.3. Complete fulfillment.

6. Pack For Your Back

6.1. Think and Feel

6.1.1. They think about the damage of a heavy backpack

6.1.2. They feel stressed with their kids going back to school

6.1.3. They think about ways to help their child excel in school

6.2. See

6.2.1. They see a heavy backpack

6.2.2. They see a child complaining of pain

6.2.3. They see other children who are caring their books in different positions

6.3. Hear

6.3.1. They hear about the right and wrong way for their child to carry a backpack

6.3.2. They hear about the increase in back problems for children

6.3.3. They hear about other health conditions that are plaguing their children which could be from wearing a backpack incorrectly.

6.4. Say & Do

6.4.1. "I want to help my child thrive"

6.4.2. "I dont want my child in pain"

6.4.3. "I will do whatever is necessary to make my children happy"

6.5. Pains

6.5.1. Child complaining of pain

6.5.2. Ignorance and unaware of where to go

6.5.3. Information overload when it comes to helping their child become healthy

6.6. Gains

6.6.1. Peace of mind

6.6.2. Connect with other families

6.6.3. Have fun!!!!