Collections Goal Brainstorming

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Collections Goal Brainstorming by Mind Map: Collections Goal Brainstorming

1. general types of content

1.1. subscriptions

1.1.1. UMN TC

1.1.2. UMN all

1.1.3. consortial

1.2. ebooks

1.3. journals (individual or packages)

1.4. purchases (may have annual fees anyway)

2. questions

2.1. effort cost

2.2. whose efficiency? staff or users

2.3. set a minimum at which analysis not needed?

3. data that may need to be harmonized

3.1. Counter to non-standard

3.2. vendor to vendor

3.3. old affinity strings to the successor

4. not necessarily mutually exclusive

4.1. quantitative characteristics

4.1.1. Download measures SFX and/or COUNTER

4.1.2. item cost

4.1.3. Citing & Authoring measures LJUR and/or Scopus

4.1.4. Impact measures Impact Factor Eigenfactor SNIP H Index

4.2. qualitative characteristics

4.2.1. prinicples DRM-free

4.2.2. user workflow does it integrate with any UMN supplied tools like Google or RefWorks? does it work on devices of multiple sizes?

4.2.3. integration with other library resources

4.2.4. added value when content is not unique

4.3. programmatic characteristics

4.3.1. is it regularly requested through course reserves?