Observation behavior

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Observation behavior by Mind Map: Observation behavior

1. Nonverbal behavior

1.1. Eye-contact pattern (visual)

1.2. Body Language

1.2.1. Comfort/ excite Lean forward Smile Caring + warmth

1.2.2. Discomfort/ shift topic Cross client arm (close the topic) Jiggling legs Larger scale body movement

1.2.3. Facial clues Discomfort Brow furrowing Lip tightening/ loosening/ flushing smiling (inappropriate times) Pulse rate visible at temples Pupil may dilate/ contract

1.3. Vocal qualities

1.3.1. Tone of voice

2. Conflict/ discrepancies

2.1. Conflict/ discrepancies

2.1.1. Internal Guilt Anxiety/ Depression Indecsion

2.1.2. External Interpersonal relations Cultural oppression Work

2.2. Incongruities

2.3. Mixed message

2.4. Contradiction

3. Verbal behavior

3.1. Verbal tracking

3.1.1. Question Who initiates the change? Where is the client on the abstraction ladder? At what point does the topic change?

3.1.2. Pattern of selective attention

3.1.3. Key words

3.2. "I" or "other" statement

3.3. Concreteness vs Abstraction

3.3.1. Abstraction Sample Most adult/ Rarely children/ Adolescent Define Reflective fashion (analysing client thought+ behaviour) Good at self-analysis (Client)

3.3.2. Concrete Define Provide specific example/ story Hear what they see/feel/ hear Sample Some adult/ Most children/ Teenage Difficulty Reflect situation + issue

4. Multicultural issues

4.1. Individual differences

4.1.1. Verbal/ nonverbal Different meaning for a movement

4.2. Cultural differences

4.2.1. Verbal/ nonverbal Different meaning of using language

5. Movement harmonics

5.1. Interesting/ provide basic concept

5.1.1. Explain verbal + nonverbal communication Communicating well exhibit movement synchrony exhibit movement complementarity Not communicating well Pulling away Body shifts Jerks

6. Example counselling session (Begin sessions)

6.1. Patience

6.2. A good sense of humour

6.3. Willing ness to disclose/ share stories

6.4. Talk about neutral subject (sport/ weather)

6.4.1. Question Before we start, I'd like to get to know a little bit more about you. could you tell me specifically about something from your past that you feel particularly good about? What types of things do you like? What are some of the things you do well?