Rosie's Life

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Rosie's Life by Mind Map: Rosie's Life

1. 3-6 Preschool Years

1.1. physical

1.1.1. could swim and hop

1.1.2. but couldn't skip I was behind the times when it came to skipping

1.2. social

1.2.1. I was happy, friendly, huggy, and far from shy. Most kids were a bit shy still.

1.3. cognitive

1.3.1. could read by age 3 way above reading level for my age

1.3.2. gifted and talented class by age 6

1.4. story

1.4.1. I was placed in the "cluster class" since I was of age. I used to get in trouble for being disruptive in class because I was bored and did my homework too fast.

2. Dying

2.1. physical

2.1.1. possible cancer and heart disease typical of my age

2.2. social

2.2.1. probably will be living it up until I die Most old ladies would keep to themselves. Not me!

2.3. cognitive

2.3.1. I will probably be losing my mind by now! I believe that dementia runs in my family. this would be common for my age

2.4. expectations

2.4.1. who Perhaps my husband will still be around, but I think my kids will be for sure.

2.4.2. family I think that my children will be the ones taking care of me at this stage in my life.

2.4.3. career Well, my career will be done, so I will probably be at home painting my nails.

3. 0-2 Infancy and Toddlerhood

3.1. physical

3.1.1. flipping over at 3 months typical 5 months

3.1.2. walked at 13 months

3.1.3. potty trained before age 2 typical 2-3

3.2. social

3.2.1. happy and very interactive

3.2.2. led people and "took them" with me

3.3. cognitive

3.3.1. took interest in reading and sounding out words by age 1 way above intelligence level for my age

3.3.2. identified the alphabet by age 1.5

3.4. story

3.4.1. My parents had these foam letters to use in the bathtub when I was little. I could identify all of them backwards!

4. 6-12 Middle Childhood/ School-Age Years

4.1. physical

4.1.1. glasses and braces eyes were awful even for my age

4.1.2. could rollerblade and hit a baseball

4.2. social

4.2.1. I was a boy chaser!

4.2.2. I was bossy and overly sensitive.

4.3. cognitive

4.3.1. played piano by age 8 above my age level for musical talent

4.4. story

4.4.1. Pertaining to the social/emotional bullet "boy chaser," I actually got in trouble on a field trip because I was more advanced in my lust for boys, and I chased them around trying to kiss them all.

5. 65+ Late Adulthood

5.1. physical

5.1.1. will be achey, have arthritis, bad eyes, and a shot back

5.2. social

5.2.1. will be a crazy, fun old bat, just like my grandma :)

5.3. cognitive

5.3.1. starting to get a bad memory will be typical of my age

5.4. expectations

5.4.1. who I expect to still have my husband and kids in my life.

5.4.2. family I will probably be head of the family, flying on my broom :)

5.4.3. career Hopefully I will be retired so I can be the little old lady who knits (jk, I dont knit).

6. 12-20 Adolescence

6.1. physical

6.1.1. started period age 12 typical age

6.1.2. had huge feet by age 12 not so typical

6.2. social

6.2.1. depression, mood swings, fitting in issues, emo stage very typical for a junior high student

6.3. cognitive

6.3.1. AP classes

6.3.2. pre algebra by age 13 above intelligence in math

6.3.3. held jobs since I was 16

6.3.4. developed a hatred for reading

6.3.5. started treatment for ADHD (finally) at age 18 was behind my age for getting treatment

6.4. story

6.4.1. This story pertains to physical and cognitive. I started getting tattoos when I was 16. I was pulling straight C's in school so my dad bet me that if I could get straight A's by the next report card, I could get my first tattoo. I won!

7. 40-65 Middle Adulthood

7.1. physical

7.1.1. will still look young

7.1.2. will be falling apart

7.2. social

7.2.1. will still be an extrovert

7.3. cognitive

7.3.1. hopefully will be more of a leader

7.4. expectations

7.4.1. who I think that less than 10 friends from my past will actually be in my life. My parents will still be in my life.

7.4.2. family I think I will be settled into a nice lifestyle, not divorced, and have straight edge children.

7.4.3. career I think my career will be stable by now. Hopefully I will be living comfortably. Hopefully I will be close to retiring at the end of middle adulthood.

8. 20-40 Young Adulthood/ The Emerging Adult Years

8.1. physical

8.1.1. 23, still look like I'm 17

8.1.2. tattoos, piercings, purple hair late- mostly teenagers do this

8.2. social

8.2.1. social butterfly (age 23)

8.2.2. still emotional (age 23) most people grow out of this

8.2.3. yell alot and hate everything (age 20) according to my mom

8.2.4. prediction- still in the mosh pits at age 40

8.2.5. age 23- straight edge and proud Not typical! Most people my age are into partying and filling their bodies with harmful substances!

8.3. cognitive

8.3.1. work too much and go to school pretty typical of this age

8.3.2. maturing a lot and learning life lessons typical age to have life epiphanies

8.4. expectations

8.4.1. who I expect about 10% of the friends I have now to actually still be in my life around this age (35).

8.4.2. family I expect to married to a great man and have 2 kids.

8.4.3. career Hopefully I will have decided between my many career interests.