Plan for use of apps in i3 Units

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Plan for use of apps in i3 Units by Mind Map: Plan for use of apps in i3 Units

1. Mind Maps

1.1. Student projects

1.2. Use ours as examples

1.3. Padlet for an introduction to a new lesson/topic as a brainstorm to test previous knowledge

1.4. popplet

2. Organization tools

2.1. diigo

2.2. Portaportal

3. Diagrams

3.1. Google Draw

3.2. Student created poster using Canva

4. Formative Assessment

4.1. Haikudeck

4.1.1. Students create a haikudeck presentation summarizing the 5 key terms/points of the lesson

4.2. Also create others for teachers with different strategies or access/lack-of access to different devices

4.3. Question banks?

4.4. Modifiable document, where teachers can collaborate and/or add to it with their own ideas

5. Presentation software we like?

5.1. Haikudeck

5.2. Movenote for absent students

5.3. Nearpod



6. Ideas for sharing resources

6.1. Flipboard

6.2. Web Page

6.3. google drive doc.