UNDERSTANDING HOW WHAT WE FEEL IS TELLING US (Please move from the left branch of this chart to...

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UNDERSTANDING HOW WHAT WE FEEL IS TELLING US (Please move from the left branch of this chart to the center and then to the right branch) by Mind Map: UNDERSTANDING HOW WHAT WE FEEL IS TELLING US   (Please move from the left branch of this chart to the center and then to the right branch)

1. THE EMOTIONAL SCALE as created by Abraham-Hicks and interpreted by Rachel Marco-Havens who used a top down method in her comentary on the scale)


1.1.1. When we are standing in appreciation, we are immersed in the fullness of the subject. We are enriched by the joy, and love empowers us. We are not so used to spending a lot of time in appreciation, but it is very close to the best it can get. Excitement and full of love and life is WHO WE ARE! And when we feel these emotions, we are being given the truth of what an open flow of life force actually is.


1.2.1. Enthusiasm is the fullness of our journey. The freedom of allowing our fullness is what brings more beautiful things to be eager about... We are getting close and letting the fullness of being to flow through.


1.3.1. When we feel passion, we are filled with the excitement of the possibilities for our experience and creativity expands.  It is a readiness that is filled with potential.


1.4.1. When we feel positive expectation, we may not be in it yet, but we are sure to be open for the next rung on the ladder. With positive expectation, we can move joyfully toward enthusiasm and eager playfulness!


1.5.1. Belief is tricky, because it is what sets us in the roots of how we ask of the Universe. Most people only ask for as much as they believe they can have. Asking for little and expecting less. When we are believing the goodness that is rightfully ours, we can begin to expect. If we do not believe we will experience what we are setting our intentions on, then we are less likely to see the result  we have asked for. This is the point where we most often set the course for much of what we live.


1.6.1. Optimism is the point where we are open to the possibilities, and on the way to belief. Or from it, depending on which way the scale is tipping in the moment.


1.7.1. Notice the difference between hopefulness and optimism. There is a little bit of doubt infused in hopefulness, almost as though we are seeing some outside force that may or may not allow "it" to happen. Be sure to remember that it is us and only us individually, who can bring ourselves up or down the scale.


1.8.1. Contentment is a nice place to be. When we are secure in what we are living in the moment, and want for little, it is easy to sit in contentment. It may not be exhilarating, but it is relaxing to want nothing more, and there is opportunity be happy with what is there. from this place we can begin to reach for something to focus on that will bring us toward excitement. Enjoy the peace that contentment brings, and move up! Contentment, when rested in, can quickly turn to complacency. And complacency is one of the most toxic places we can be, for ourselves and others.


1.9.1. Boredom is right on the line. Not hard to go up, not hard to go down the scale. When Boredom sets in and the recognition is to move up the scale, it is important to ask the Universe for ideas. Take a moment to remember that you are right on the edge of contentment, and from there, up is not so difficult.


1.10.1. Pessimism is probably one of the first easy to spot emotions that indicate that we are choking off some life force. When we begin to notice the possibilities for discomfort, pessimism is the first real red flag. It is still pretty simple to walk your way out of pessimism, and when the goal is to spend more time in freedom, joy and eager anticipation, pessimism is a clear flag down the runway toward frustration and so on...


1.11.1. Frustration and irritation begin with impatience. When we are trying to push the Universe to bring our asking sooner than we ourselves are able to allow, it begins to feel even more uncomfortable than little old frustration. The Universe is already working to give us the mirror image of whatever we display. When we are cursing it for not being fast enough with the goods, we are absolutely giving it more work to do to get it to us.


1.12.1. Remember, we are always able to delegate the details to the Universal Managers (Another Abraham-Hicks term) Overwhelment is most usually telling us that we have taken on more than we need to. It is not necessary for us to take action before we are clear on the path, and often it is less effective than clear, directed inspired action. Most of the time when we are rushing through, or piling on more than we can handle, we are putting ourselves out of commission to some degree. We don't have the ability or the need to accomplish every bit on the list. There is plenty that the Universe could handle if we let it. When we are unable to accomplish our goals, we have a choice to accept the frustration and work toward hope and up, but often, we end up in disappointment.


1.13.1. What disappointment means, when we break it down, is resting in a place of no-appreciation. It is not hard with the domestication our parents and society offer, to keep our focus on what is not working, what has NOT been accomplished. And that leads to doubt in one's own ability, and the Universe's ability to deliver and so on. But when we look at what we HAVE accomplished on a wider level, we have so much more happening than not. This is the point where we look again at overwhelment and see if there aren't some things that we can take off of our list. I, personally, begin with the things that I cannot accomplish or assist like world affairs and other people's struggle. Then I move into things on my list that I can put aside for time or the Universe to sort out.

1.14. DOUBT

1.14.1. Here is the part where the disconnection from life force gets really noticeable. When we disbelieve our abilities, the subtle messages our inner guide has been speaking through our emotions get stronger. Because we are far more capable than we think, when we doubt, we are moving toward the opposite of our truth. Take the message of doubt and remember that it is a call to look for virtues. Sure, it might take a little work, and you might be a little disappointed in your ability, but don't WORRY! ;)

1.15. WORRY

1.15.1. Worry feels so hard because all that worry is is practicing and prepaving inability. And Believe me when I tell you (HA!!) that there is so much that you are able to do! Start with Imagination. Ever notice how blissful imagination feels when we use it for what it is, Mapping energy. In the moment we move from worry to the distraction of anything nice, we feel better. That is a sign.

1.16. BLAME

1.16.1. Blame is an easy way to distract oneself from being discouraged. When we put the blame on someone else, or something else like a circumstance, it feels better than discouragement which is a deeper rooting in doubt, but better than anger. If you are moving up the scale from discouragement, only let yourself blame for a minute, because in the end, and the beginning, You are the only common denominator in your experience. This is why blame is not higher up on the scale. Because when we are in blame, our guidance system is telling us that working the blame angle is only going to bring us down the scale. We are responsible for our own experiences. All of them.


1.17.1. Discouragement may be a little better than Anger if we are moving up, but if we are on the downslide in the scale, we can see easily how we can go from doubt to worry to blame to discouragement. Because once we have blamed someone or some thing for our discomfort, long enough to be discouraged. we are even more separated from the truth, which is, that it is truly our energy to move. When we are moving down the scale, blame turns to anger when it doesn't get us anywhere, and nothing changes with all the wasted blame spent.

1.18. ANGER

1.18.1. Anger is a wild emotion, because it is the Big Taboo in most societies yet is very valuable when moving up the scale. We are told by teachers, sages, doctors and therapists, our parents and just about any authority that we are simply not allowed to be angry. Anger is Poison they tell you, and while it is almost as far as we can get from who we are. it it just Almost. In my Buddhist studies I have been fascinated by the difference between Wrath and Anger. When anger is recognized on the way UP the scale, it can be applauded, for it is far better than powerless. But what often happens is when we get to anger from Revenge and below, we should recognize that with Anger comes a little power. That power is to move toward frustration. Our domestication has brought us to a place in society where people bounce back and forth from depression to anger and so on, never being applauded for finally moving from depression and all the way up to anger. When we can take a breath, accept that although anger is not elation, we have indeed moved up the scale a little bit we can move up using the anger as a launching pad. We are closer to hope in anger than we are to fear.. Notice that difference? Take it, pat yourself on the back and reach for a better place to feel.


1.19.1. When we practice blame and anger and discouragement enough, we begin to want to see others feel that same pain. I believe that the reason why revenge feels so bad relates to blame. When we take hatred and turn it on another in an effort to see them feel pain because we did.... We are so disconnected from the understanding that we are the only ones with power in our own personal experience that we feel Awful. I recently heard Abraham say that Law Of Attraction handles the "payback" but if we make it our business to wish or enact revenge on another, we receive the payback as well.


1.20.1. Rage feels so strong because we have focused long enough on anger and blame and desire for revenge to separate ourselves from the big picture. It feels so strong because we are being reminded of how far away from our own power we are and are headed with the current course of thought.


1.21.1. Jealousy is interesting, because the feeling of blame and revenge and hatred move us so far from our power that suddenly we begin to look at the world or people or a person like we are on the other side of the gate. And in effect we are. By the time we are sitting in the Jealousy seat, we are on the other side of the fence to the playground. As we look at people who have not separated from their power and how they are creating for themselves, Jealousy is a display of just how it feels to shut ourselves out of the game. And here we go toward Unworthiness. Remember, when we are feeling separate from our power, and we are bothered to see others living well––how you feel is The Buddha within shouting to you that you are indeed not in the playground. But the kids who ARE in the playground–– they are gifts from the Universe reminding you of the possibilities you can create. If you can see it... Or think it, it is possible.


1.22.1. Insecurity, guilt and Unworthiness are all hanging out in the same vibratory realm of just about totally disconnected from truth. So painful because this is where we have rested enough in blaming others and focused on the pain of others and separated ourselves enough from the truth of our own power that we have just Temporarily taken the power out of our hands. You are the Director of your Movie. You are the Writer of Your Story. You are the only one who experiences your experience and no one can take anything from you, even if it feels that way. No one. Think about Unworthiness for a few seconds. To feel unworthy means that there is truth in deserving and undeserving. But, We all deserve to be in our power. We all deserve to be happy. When you feel unworthy, you are doing a disservice to yourself and the Universe because we are all far more worthy than anyone has ever allowed us to believe. And the shifting of one's power from oneself, gives rise for the opportunity to feel guilty. Guilt is an emotion directly related to control and outside influence. The reason we feel uncomfortable in guilt is because our guidance system is reminding us that we have disconnected from our power.


1.23.1. Of course when we are feeling unworthy, or powerless, we would be sad and afraid. Imagine the feeling if your mother told you you were bad, wrong and banished from your home, from the safest place you know. Wouldn't you feel scared? Wouldn't you feel sad? Well this is same. When you delegate your power to some unseen other, you have banished yourself from your own home. The one in your heart. This feels so terrible, because we are almost as far away from who we are and our true place of residing as we can get. Remember, every moment is a new opportunity for expansion and a better feeling thought. When we are at this point on the scale, it is crucial to spend time focusing on triumph. We have many triumphs in our past., from the first steps we took as a toddler to that time we made it up a hill. If there is nothing that immediately comes to mind, find a book, or watch a movie like Forest Gump. At this point, we cannot always find our way up the scale on our own. Tell a friend. It is at this point in our movement down the scale, that we most need to ask for help and often choose not to. There is someone who loves you in this world. There really is. And if you believe at this point, that there is no one to turn to, sit on a park bench or on a busy street, and ask for help from the kindest eyes you look into. This may sound like strange advice, but I have opened my heart to help a stranger, because they asked—I know there are many more like myself who would be honored to reflect love back to you.


1.24.1. And here we are at powerlessness. Because we are the holder of our own power and channel for pure positive energy, when we land at powerlessness, depression and despair feel the same. Because the truth is, WE ARE NOT POWERLESS. If bubbling in our power feels like joy and expansion and freedom and exhilaration, then powerless––the opposite of that––is the worst we could ever feel. When I reach this place, I remind myself that I cannot move from depression with immersion in the dis-ease that brought me there. It takes tiny moments of relief to begin the climb up the scale. I start with reminding myself that I don't have to accept powerless. That I know times when I was only angry. Soothing and gentle care of one's heart is key at this time. Pets help with this transition. Notice how easy they are about just relaxing? Small steps. Small baby steps.

2. There are many great ways to move up the scale. Meditation. Just about every philosophy or religion encourages meditation, all of the reasons motivated by the same belief––Negative Mental Chatter is toxic.

2.1. If we wander around feeling good and listening to the reminders, following bliss and finding connection with our intentions, then meditation is less necessary than if we move through our moments listening to the doubt and worry and fear chatter. You can tell when you need to stop, breathe and center.

2.2. I am not a meditation master, teacher or great practitioner of Meditation at all, and we know that many different forms of meditation exist, from traditional sitting to creating art, so all I can say is, find a teacher if you really want to dig in deep.

2.2.1. While I am often in contemplative meditation in action throughout my day, it is far easier to settle the mind when I am not focused on figuring something out, or contemplating a situation. My meditation time is for quiet. Inspiration often comes then. Follow your breath, find a comfortable place to rest the mind, and if you cannot, just keep a mantra flowing. I recently came upon, "I want To Open and Grow with expansion" It is simple and a good roll to get on. Try that.

2.3. I "Ground" often. When I am not grounded, I find myself off course more often than not. One day I will play with the emotional scale in a Pie Chart. Because when we move from our center, we can tell when we are spinning out. Many are used to climbing ladders and do better with a Ladder analogy than a merry go round. But it is the same. When we stand in the middle of the merry go round , the center, as it spins, we have a clear view of options. When we get out a little bit from center, we begin to feel the force of momentum and depending on our grip and what part of the merry go round we are on,  it is either an enjoyable ride or it isn't

2.4. A dear friend of mine shared a blessed meditation with me, and when I use it, it really helps me to return to center. Sit in a comfortable seat, and intend to make a connection to the center of the earth. Imagine a "Cord" (for me it is more like a tube). Send it to the center of the earth, and lock it to the core. The tube is hollow and it is locked to your root chakra like a toilet seat. There becomes a great reminder that the Earth at it's core can burn anything. And so why hold on to it? When I am locked in a course of thought that is not serving me, I benefit when I stop, ground. Find my center, and release the toil back to the big Mama to handle. This is a very good way to find the center and lock in.

2.5. This is an ongoing map, and I am excited to continue with its creation! Keep checking back, and in the meantime, check out http://mtmamasmedicinechest.com

3. There are some thinkers who believe that we are vibrational energy, moving in these bodies, continuously calling life force from the Universe. We offer thoughts and ideas and actions and the Universe responds in kind. With what we call and what we allow ourselves to accept from the Universe, our experience in this "reality" is directed.

3.1. The cool thing about this concept of "We Create Our Own Reality", is that we are indeed directing ourselves through our experiences on this planet (and some believe elsewhere too) and we come with a valuable guidance system to help us keep track of how we are creating in every moment. This system is made up of emotional indicators to let us know when we are in consort with the direction we aim for and when we are not

3.2. When we are disallowing what we ask for, with thoughts of disbelief, impatience and on and on, we are cutting ourselves off from what we have asked for, which is indicated by the feelings we are feeling.

3.2.1. In other words, how we feel is how we are creating. When we are in line with our direction, we are given the signals of happiness and joy, Positive expectation and freedom.

3.3. It is rather simple, but for many of us, so simple it can be difficult to navigate. If we can remember that we are always connected to the source of all life and that our guidance is always clear on where we are in relationship to where we want to be, then we can see where we are headed, because we are always feeling.

3.4. The sheer beauty of emotional guidance is embraced when we appreciate our negative emotions as guidance toward the next best thought. Because the most painful places we go in our experience is always guiding us back to the course of thought we are on. My pain is not because I feel the emotion of fear or insecurity or depression, we feel those things to alert us to the direction of our course of thought.

3.5. This is the greatest gift, as it is almost impossible to disconnect from feeling. If we feel our way through life, we get better and better at noticing what we are focused on, and what we are pre-defining with that focus.

3.6. As the concepts of Law Of Attraction are becoming more and more household folly, it is important to remember why we are paying attention to what we are creating. The ideas and things and fruition we are seeking are the fun part. Having them is usually desired because we think we will feel better when we get there. But the truth of the matter is, the journey is the reason why we ever want anything.

3.7. If we can get clear about the reason why we ever want anything, and allow the journey toward any end be the true nature of the destination, the fruition becomes a new vantage point for even more expansion.

3.8. But remember, the Journey to the destination is a clear indicator of what we will find at the end of the ride. If the journey is filled with struggle and pain and suffering, then we are headed for more of same.

3.9. We can always stop the train, take a moment to follow our breath, center in some beauty and keep moving with confidence that we will always know where we are going.

3.10. One of the best tools Abraham-hicks has provided us with is the Emotional Scale. This chart on the right (My interpretation of the points on Abraham's scale), will give you some clear guidance on the path through your days.

3.11. The top of the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Scale is who we are and how we feel when we are allowing the free flow of life force through open channels. As we move down the scale, these emotions are indicators of how much of our life force is being cut off.

3.12. Each step on this scale is of course variable, and there are different reasons for feeling what we come to feel. But it is a fascinating journey through it all. From each place in our emotional standpoint, we have a new range to move with.

3.13. When Abraham speaks about being selfish, and that there is nothing more important than that you feel good... It is not about being the kind of selfhish we have come to equate with the word, but a clear focus on what feeling good really means.

3.14. Feeling good means that you are in line with what you have asked of the Universe, whether you are focused on money, or health, or well being, you will always know by how you feel. If you feel good, you are on track, if you feel any kind of bad, you are headed away from your destination.