Nanorods to change electronic´s world

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Nanorods to change electronic´s world by Mind Map: Nanorods to change electronic´s world

1. What are any Properties of the nanorods C60?

1.1. High electron mobility

1.2. High photosensitivity

1.3. An excellent electron accepting nature

1.4. Rapid large scale synthesis at room temperature

2. What the nanorods C60 offer to their users?

2.1. Advanced optoelectronic device applications

2.2. The photosensitivity of the C60 nanorods can be enhanced ,400-fold via an ultralow photodoping mechanism

2.3. The photodoped devices offer broadband UV-vis-NIR spectral tuneability

2.4. Exhibit a detectivitiy .109 Jones

2.5. An external quantum efficiency of,100%

2.6. A linear dynamic range of 80 dB

2.7. A rise time 60 ms and the ability to measure ac signals up to ,250 kHz

3. Advantages of the nanorods C60

3.1. Their rapid large scale synthesis at room temperature makes these organic semiconducting nanorods highly attractive for advanced optoelectronic device applications

3.2. Flexible optoelectronic devices including field effect transistors diodes aplications

3.3. Are competitive with commercially available inorganic photoconductors and photoconductive cells

3.4. Rapid room temperature synthesis

3.5. Are compatible with large-area and flexible substrate device fabrication

3.6. Can be fabricated and operated in air

3.7. Present figures of merit that can compete with inorganic materials and with commercially available photodetectors

4. How to obtain nanorods by chemical proccess?

4.1. C60 nanorods were prepared via the fast liquid-liquid interfacial precipitation (FLLIP) method23. C60 powder (purity 99.9%) was dis- solved in m-xylene to form a solution with concentration ,2.2 mg mL21. The C60 solution (2 ml) was then slowly added to 3 mL of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) with the solution instantly turning a brown-ish-yellow color indicating the formation of a suspension of 1D C60 nanorods.