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Erica Zah by Mind Map: Erica Zah

1. Work

1.1. Palm Beach Skate Zone

1.1.1. My first job.

1.1.2. This was an ice skating and roller skating facility.

1.1.3. I did everything from hosting parties, serving food, managing the front office, cleaning, and occasionally face painting.

1.2. VEI Systems

1.2.1. This company created digital automotive instrumentation (digital gauges for cars).

1.2.2. I was an assembler and office manager. As an assembler, I learned about circuitry and wiring, car maintenance and operation, soldering, CNC milling, and more. As an office manager, I learned about organization, taxes, customer service, QuickBooks, and more.

1.3. Mathnasium

1.3.1. This was a learning center that helped students in K-12 math.

1.3.2. I taught and tutored children in math, visited local schools, and promoted our programs at various educational events. Although my focus is in high school education, I loved working with the elementary and middle school kids as well.

1.3.3. This was by far the best job I've had to date.

2. Education

2.1. BAK Middle School of the Arts

2.1.1. This magnet school offered advanced art programs for visual, dance, music, theater, and media communications.

2.1.2. I auditioned for this school in fifth grade and was accepted into the visual arts program.

2.1.3. I spent the next three years being classically trained in the visual arts.

2.2. Palm Beach Central High School

2.2.1. I began my time at this public high school as a culinary arts major.

2.2.2. During sophomore year, my interests shifted towards science, specifically Chemistry.

2.2.3. I graduated as a Chemistry major in 2011.

2.3. University of Central Florida

2.3.1. I started college as a Chemistry major.

2.3.2. I was accepted into the EXCEL program for STEM majors. The EXCEL program was designed to accelerate math courses for high achieving STEM majors. I skipped College Algebra and went straight into Calculus 1.

2.3.3. Before my junior year, I switched my major to Science Education and have loved my new path in life.

3. Interests

3.1. Science and Math

3.1.1. My favorite sciences are Chemistry and Physics.

3.1.2. I enjoy applying math to real-world situations.

3.2. Athletics

3.2.1. Some of my favorite sports to participate in are figure skating, hockey, cycling, hiking, skiing, and rock climbing.

3.2.2. Some of my favorites sports to watch are hockey, gymnastics, dance, diving, and just about anything in the winter Olympics.

3.3. Music and Art

3.3.1. I enjoy playing piano and ukelele. I have never been taught to read music. I play by ear or by watching online video tutorials.

3.3.2. I love to paint and draw whatever comes to mind. My favorite mediums are acrylic and chalk. I was classically trained in visual arts for three years.

3.4. Community Service

3.4.1. I started doing community service in high school, and graduated with over 200 hours of logged service hours.

3.4.2. I have volunteered for many different organizations, and at many different events. I most frequently volunteer at Habitat for Humanity My biggest charity event involved a 4200 mil bicycle trip across the US with the organization Bike and Build.