Glasgow Eco Trust local stakeholder mindmap

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Glasgow Eco Trust local stakeholder mindmap by Mind Map: Glasgow Eco Trust local stakeholder mindmap

1. Police Scotland (1 rep)

1.1. Greater Glasgow

1.1.1. Glasgow North West Division @glasgownwpolice Campus Officers Knightswood Secondary St Thomas Aquinas Problem Solving Teams

2. Scottish Fire & Rescue (1 rep)

2.1. West Scotland

2.1.1. Knightswood Fire Station G13

2.1.2. Yorkhill Fire Station G3

2.1.3. Local Senior Officers

2.1.4. @scotfire_glasgo

3. NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (1 rep)

3.1. Glasgow City Health & Social Care Partnership

3.1.1. Medical Practices Cairntoul Medical Practice G14 Glasgow West Medical Practice G14 @glasgowwestmedicalpractice Kingsway Medical Practice G14 Pennan Practice G14 Scotstoun Medical Practice G14 Shaftsbury Medical Practice G14 Victoria Park Medical Practice G14 Whiteinch Medical Practice G14 Yoker Medical Centre G14 Gardner Street Surgery G11 Abingdon Medical Practice G11 Apsley Street Surgery G11 Peel Street Medical Practice G11 Northcote Surgery G12

4. Community Representatives (4-6 reps)

4.1. Ward 12

4.1.1. Community Councils (4 reps) Broomhill CC Jordanhill CC Thornwood CC Whiteinch CC

4.2. Ward 13

4.2.1. LINKES (1 rep)

4.2.2. Peterson Park Residents Assoc (1 rep)

4.2.3. Community Councils (3 reps) Knightswood CC Scotstoun CC Yoker CC

5. Voluntary Sector (1 rep)

5.1. Glasgow Third Sector Interface Network

5.1.1. GCVS (Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector) @GlasgowCVS @GlasgowCVS

5.1.2. GSEN (Glasgow Social Enterprise Network) @GlasgowSEN @GlasgowSEN

5.1.3. Volunteer Glasgow @VolunteerGlasgow @VolunteerGlasgo

5.2. North West Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network

5.2.1. @NWGVSN

5.2.2. @NWGVSN

5.3. Community Organisations

5.3.1. Community Centres & Orgs Active Seniors DRC Generations G14 @DRCGenerations @DRCGenerations Glasgow Eco Trust G14 De'ils On Wheels bike workshop @GlasgowEcoTrust @GlasgowEcoTrust Glasgow Wood Recycling G14 @GlasgowWood @GlasgowWoodRecycling Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre G14 @hoscotstoun @heartofscotstoun Kingsway Court Health & Wellbeing Centre G14 @kingsway-court-health-wellbeing-centre @KCHWC Knightswood Community Centre G13 @Knightswood LINKES SCIO G13 @LINKESGla @LinkesGlasgow Movement Park G14 @MovementPark813 @MovementPark813 Move On FareShare Glasgow & West Scotland @MoveOnScotland @MoveOnScotland Peterson Park Halls G13 The Whiteinch Centre G14 @TheWhiteinchCentre @TheWhiteinchCentre Whiteinch Transformation G14 Yoker Resource Group G14 DRC Youth Project Yoker Community Campus Yoker Resource Centre Well Fed Scotland CIC G14 @WellFedScotland @WellFedScotlandCIC

5.3.2. Residents Associations SCARA Harland Cottages Victoria Park

5.3.3. Uniformed Groups Boys Brigade 135th Glasgow Battalion 184th Glasgow Battalion Scouts, Cubs, Beavers 9th Glasgow Scout Group G11 72nd Glasgow Scout Group G11 80th Glasgow Scout Group G13 178th Glasgow Scout Group 203rd Glasgow Scout Group Rainbows, Brownies, Guides 70th Glasgow Brownie Pack

5.3.4. Community Groups Thematic groups Bug Life Clyde Bat Group Friends of the Earth Glasgow Scotstoun Woodcraft Folk Allotments Friends of Parks Groups

6. GCC Elected Members

6.1. Ward 12 (3 members)

6.1.1. Bailie Ade Aibinu

6.1.2. Cllr Feargal Dalton @feargaldalton @Feargal Dalton

6.1.3. Cllr Maggie McTernan @maggsmct @Maggie McTernan

6.2. Ward 13 (4 members)

6.2.1. Cllr Bill Butler @Labour_Bill

6.2.2. Cllr Michael Cullen @michaelsnp13 @MichaelSNP13

6.2.3. Cllr Chris Cunningham @dunglasschris @ChrisCunninghamSNP

6.2.4. Cllr Eva Murray @EvaCMurray

7. What is an Area Partnership?

7.1. Area Partnership budgets

7.2. Ward factsheets

8. Glasgow Community Planning Partnership

8.1. North West Sector

8.1.1. Ward 12 Victoria Park

8.1.2. Ward 13 Garscadden/Scotstounhill

8.2. North East Sector

8.3. South Sector

8.4. @glasgowcpp

9. Housing

9.1. Private owners

9.2. Private rented

9.3. Social housing

9.3.1. GHA CTP

9.3.2. Yoker HA

9.3.3. Whiteinch & Scotstoun HA

9.3.4. Other HA

9.3.5. Glasgow West Scotland Forum of Housing Associations @GWSForum

9.4. Residents Associations

9.4.1. Harland Cottages

9.4.2. Peterson Park

9.4.3. SCARA (Scotstoun Conservation Area Residents Association)

10. Businesses

10.1. Small local

10.1.1. South Street

10.1.2. Local Town Centres

10.2. Large

11. Education establishments

11.1. Colleges

11.1.1. Glasgow Clyde College Anniesland Campus G12 @GlasgowClyde @Glasgow_Clyde

11.1.2. West College Scotland Clydebank Campus G81 @WestCollegeScotland @WestCollScot

11.2. Learning Communities

11.2.1. North West Knightswood Nursery Primary Other Secondary St Thomas Aquinas / Notre Dame Cluster Nursery Primary Other Secondary Hyndland Cluster Nursery Primary Secondary Nurseries - Private

11.3. Jordanhill School G13

12. Religious Establishments

12.1. Yoker

12.1.1. Blawarthill Parish Church @blawarthill

12.1.2. St Brendan's RC Church

12.1.3. Yoker Evangelical Church

12.1.4. Yoker Parish Church @Yoker-Parish_church

12.2. Scotstoun

12.2.1. Marhaba Welcome Centre

12.2.2. Scotstoun Parish Church

12.3. Knightswood

12.3.1. Corpus Christi R C Church

12.3.2. Jehovah's Witness

12.3.3. Knightswood Baptist Church @knightswoodbap @knightswoodbaptist

12.3.4. Knightswood Congregational Church

12.3.5. Knightswood St Margaret's Parish Church

12.3.6. St David's Parish Church

12.4. Broomhill

12.4.1. Broomhill Hyndland Parish Church G11

12.5. Thornwood

12.6. Whiteinch

12.6.1. Salvation Army Glasgow West

12.6.2. Saint Paul’s Parish Church

12.6.3. Whiteinch ‘Church of Scotland’

12.7. Jordanhill

13. This mindmap lists different stakeholder organisations in west Glasgow. It covers two area partnerships - Ward 12 Victoria Park and Ward 13 Garscadden/Scotstounhill. Stakeholder groups marked with a tick are represented on the area partnership, stakeholder groups marked with a cross are not represented. Alt 0 expands and Alt 1 collapses all the connections The mindmap has been put together by Glasgow Eco Trust.