SGPPF 2014-25 Plan

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SGPPF 2014-25 Plan by Mind Map: SGPPF 2014-25 Plan

1. open a second location in Buffalo, not only for the sake of allocation, but brand recognition and brand reinforcement for not only the people of Buffalo, but our Western territory as welll

2. 2014 Buffalo Store 19

2.1. Operation

2.1.1. I propose that this store be the new flagship in not only a new look and feel, but also operations It's becoming apparent that our stores are starting to hit a limit in annual sales revenue. To surpass this revenue limit, we need to introduce a new wave of heat. This heat should be a revamped plan for apparel Stores should now be built with the idea of apparel as a focus in mind Not only should we invest in different display fixtures, but also fitting rooms Apparel Relaunch Custom T-Shirts for retro releases Acquisition of another brand. Target brand of choice will be stussy

2.1.2. New Design, New Blue Print, New Start Build upon the idea of a new corporate identity for the future Hybrid Store One store can be broken down into 3 different zones Store will also have a heavy focus on hook ups and displays to make excellent use of space

2.2. Goal

2.2.1. Of course the goal would always be to make as much as possible. However, using my experiences at store 4, 6, and 7, I believe that the true goal is not in individual store growth, but in market growth

2.2.2. By the end of 2015, I would be looking to have 50% market growth with the introduction of store 19. The idea here would not only be to have growth but to steal market share from our competitors as well HOW!?!? By introducing a location in an area in which we would have no oligopoly in terms of competition, we should have no competitors The idea here would also be to find a way to generate traffic between both locations, forcing our customer to go back and fourth. Using social media and technology we may be able to participate more with customer retention and to stay on top as far as what the customer wants

2.3. Design

2.3.1. Hybrid Design Incorporate an outlet, regular, and premium store while offering apparel to make it the ultimate one stop shop

2.3.2. House of Hoops Concept Things can be seperated by simple partitions, just like house of hoops

2.3.3. Footwear Trend

3. 2023 Pensylvania

3.1. More than likely will require Acquisition as opposed to Nike Application

3.2. Achieve 2 locations by 2024

4. 2025, NJ Based HQ becomes main hub

5. 2018-2022, Branch Expansion

5.1. Open 1 more branch in NJ

5.2. Open 2 branches in CT

6. 2017, Corporate Expansion

6.1. Second Headquarters in NJ with a different set of staff to manage the eastern District

6.1.1. Eastern HQ will need to plan as far as expansion within jersey, nyc, or boston

6.1.2. East will devise a plan to branch out to CT and PA

6.1.3. Consider using parcel services as a method of delivery for product

7. 2016

7.1. 1st Quarter Directors Meeting

7.1.1. Evaluate operations at this scale

7.1.2. Consider Placement of next outlet

7.2. 3rd Quarter 2nd Outlet Store

7.2.1. Locations such as Albany or Utica should be considered

7.2.2. This outlet will liquidate overstock of product of not only SYR and ALB, but boston and jersey as well

8. 2015

8.1. 2015 1st Quarter

8.1.1. POS Software upgrade This needs to be done by opening of the albany, otherwise we cannot move forward If not, then store 99 will represent the new store, and all product in the current 99 will have to move to be transferred in the system to store 7's inventory

8.2. 2015 2nd Quarter Albany Store 99

8.2.1. Use this new blue print from 19 to offer a better package to the albany customer, as well as offer brand reinforcement

8.3. Apparel Increase

8.3.1. Obtain Another License

8.3.2. Due to size constraints of older stores, push new brands and products at stores 6, 19, and 99

8.4. 2015 2nd-3rd Quarter Company Director's Meeting

8.4.1. Discuss new business practices to deal with the size of operation

8.4.2. Revisit company employee incentives plan to retain a low employee turn over rate as well as keeping contra assets such as employee/manager turn over rate from affecting future operations

8.5. 2015 4th Quarter, External Expansion

8.5.1. Boston Expressions Aquisition If acquistion is possible this will increase our company size by roughly 30% regardless of the route taken This acquisition should theoretically be able to upgrade our license to a t11 license This acquistion will also give us better expansion power for better markets such as CT, NJ, or others Request vendors for approval for license at older stores Spread to other locations Further increase sales volumes

8.5.2. New Jersey Store Aquisition This will give us a step in the right direction to enter this market This will be the official opening of the 12th store This also closes the gap between Albany and Boston