Future of Hospital Pharmacy

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Future of Hospital Pharmacy by Mind Map: Future of Hospital Pharmacy

1. Present

1.1. Niggles

1.1.1. High risk 9-5 MF service 25 years out of date at least 9-5 MF service

1.1.2. Systemic cancers Admission errors Adverse Drug reaction MALdocumentation Patient Patient Poorly

1.1.3. Poor new drug regulation Adhoc adoption new drug technologies Heavy pharmaceutical influence Lack of accountability re costs of new technologies Need mindshift from to

1.1.4. Regulatory/Professional silos

1.2. Nuggets

1.2.1. Pharmacists Highly educated Highly motivated Hungry for MDT National network (HPAI)

2. Future

2.1. Nice ifs

2.1.1. People Technicians Develop roles Regulated Recognised Reimbursed Pharmacists MDT Norm Prescribers New specialism Schools

2.1.2. 21st century Technology Well developed elsewhere

2.1.3. Value focus Cost/benefit assessments National level National level

2.1.4. Patients Part of service planning & strategy

2.2. No nos

2.2.1. MF 9-5 model persists Extinction