competition among food producers in Singapore

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competition among food producers in Singapore by Mind Map: competition among food producers in Singapore

1. current situation

1.1. intense competition as singpaoreans want the best food only

2. impact

2.1. positive

2.1.1. food quality to compete for better reputation, they would improve food quality by supplying food with better taste, making food healthier and better-looking

2.1.2. tourism better and more varied food will boost singapore as a culinary tourism destination, attracting more tourists

2.1.3. food varieties to compete for the market of different groups of people, producers would offer different cuisine like Chinese Malay and Vietnaminese cuisions consuming food with better quality will be helpful to the health of consumers

2.1.4. health of consumers

2.2. negative

2.2.1. food quality to compete for the market, they would use cheap but unhealthy ingredients to lower the cost, thus attract customers

2.2.2. tourism the sabotage between the food producers to boost their own food would ruin the reputation of the overall Singapore food industry and thus make it less attractive for tourists.

2.2.3. health of consumers if producers cheat the consumers about the unhealthy ingredients, people's health will be badly affected

3. proposal