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Mobile Applications by Mind Map: Mobile Applications

1. Travel

1.1. Field Trip- This app allows students to find hidden and unique thing about places they visit. I would actually use this as part of a history assignment about a landmark in Columbia, MO.

1.2. Zagat- This is an app that lets you find the best restaurants to eat at. I would use this app and have students to a persuasive speech using what people have said about different restaurants.

1.3. guidebook- This is an app helps one guide through a city with a schedule and things to do. I would use this and have students pick a destinations and guide us through what they would do and show an itinerary of their trip.

1.4. Priceline hotel and Travel- This lets you find the lowest prices for flight and hotel. I would use this as a math lesson to compare and contrast different hotel and airline prices.

1.5. Gasbuddy- This app lets you find the cheapest gas. For this lesson I would have students try different routes to school and calculate the cheapest and most expensive gas prices and routes.

1.6. Trip Advisor- This apps lets you read reviews from other people who have had experiences at various places that you may be interested in. i would use this to have students plan their dream trip and present it using powerpoint.

2. Education

2.1. Duolingo- This app allows children to learn another language. I would use this for a fun activity during a multicultural unit.

2.2. NASA App- This app lets kids explore space. i would use this to introduce a unit on space.

2.3. Dictionary Offline- This app lets you search for any words you may not know. I would use this as a resource that my students could use at anytime.

2.4. Edmodo- This app gives students and teachers a safe place to connect and collaborate. i would use this to assign lessons, answer questions and it would allow my students to work at their own pace.

2.5. Countries Capitals Quiz- This app allows one to quickly learn the different capitals around the world. I would use this app as to see what my students had learned about capitals.

2.6. World Map 2014- This is a mobile map that could be accessed at any time. I would have to available to my students at all times for a visual look at a place we were learning about.

3. Educational Games

3.1. Kids Math- This is an app that lets children practice their math skills. I would use this to reinforce math skills that have already been taught or as a review or sponge activity.

3.2. Kids Reading Preschool- This is an app that introduces preschool children to reading skills and allow them to practice them. I would use this as an introductory to reading.

3.3. Kids Shapes Preschool- This apps helps children learn shapes by using objects they see everyday. I would use this as a review tool or even an introductory tool for young preschoolers.

3.4. Doctor Kids- This app allows children to be doctors and fix their friends. I would use this after a unit on the human body. It would just be a sponge activity.

3.5. Kids Slide Puzzles- This app lets children practice their jigsaw puzzle skills and gain problem solving and critical thinking. i would use this as a fun filler activity.

3.6. Kids Memory- This app helps children improve their memory skills. I would use this as another fun filler activity.

4. Social

4.1. Twitter- This is a micro blogging site. People can tweet with a limited amount of characters when they want to say something. I would use this as a way to keep parents updated on what's going o in our classroom and for student collaboration on various assignments.

4.2. Facebook- This is a social networking site. i would use Facebook as a way to keep families informed about the going ons of what is happening in our classroom. This would be similar to what business pages look like and are currently used on Facebook.

4.3. Pinterest- This is a visual discovery tool. People can create boards and organize what they are interested in n these boards. I would have students create their own board on a classroom account to gauge interests and help with planning activities that they would be interested in.

4.4. Reddit- This is a social networking site that members can post content onto for other members to view. I would use this so my students could communicate with others from around the world with ideas and questions they may have.

4.5. Google+- This is very similar to Facebook. Google+ may be easy for some students because all it takes it for a student to set up an e-mail account with google. I would use this as a way to communicate with students.

4.6. Instagram- This is an app where you can take pictures and edit them. I would use this to let my students share pictures of things they are interested in and what their classmates may me interested in. I would also use it for various assignments.