ISOC Asia Pacific Chapters Workshop Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 7-8 June 2014

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ISOC Asia Pacific Chapters Workshop Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 7-8 June 2014 by Mind Map: ISOC Asia Pacific Chapters Workshop Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 7-8 June 2014

1. Agenda

1.1. 7 June 2014

1.1.1. 16:00 Dave Bancroft-Turner Video Questionaire on your own organisation Stakeholder Approach Skills building Politcal Intelligence Process

1.1.2. 18:00 Break

1.1.3. 18:15

1.1.4. 19:30

1.1.5. 20:00 Dinner

1.2. 8 June 2014

1.2.1. Agenda 07:30 - 8:30 Breakfast at your Hotel 8:30 Welcome ISOC welcome World Map exercise Working format 09:30 Break 9:50 Fishbowl round 1 10:50 Fishbowl round 2 11:50 Lunch 12:50 Afternoon welcome 12:55 Fishbowl round 3 13:45 Fishbowl round 4 14:45-15:15 Break 15:15 Solution Room 16:45 Close 17:05 End of Programme

2. APAC workshop briefing call

2.1. Present

2.1.1. Naveed Haq ISOC / Pakistan

2.1.2. Ruud Janssen Moderator

2.1.3. Dave Bancroft Turner Politcal Intelligence Process Stop inspiring but inspire yourself Diagnostic tool TAFPI

2.2. Participants

2.2.1. Sohaib Saleem - Pakistan ISOC Islamabad Chapter <[email protected]>, Babu Ram Aryal - Nepal Chapter <[email protected]>, Benjamin Ang - Singapore Chapter <[email protected]>, Chi-Yuan Chen - Taipei Chapter <[email protected]>, Ken Lam <[email protected]>, Patrick Queet Queet <[email protected]>, Rohaan Goswami - India Kolkata Chapter <[email protected]>, Satro Rajendran <[email protected]>, Shabbir Ahmed ISOC Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter <[email protected]>, Suhas SG - India Bangalore Chapter <[email protected]>, Yasuichi Kitamura <[email protected]>, George Fong - Australia Chapter <[email protected]>, Sagarika Wickramasekera - Sri Lanka Chapter <[email protected]>, Julian Vincent - Malaysia Chapter <[email protected]>, "Dr. Suhaidi Bin Hassan - Malaysia Chapter" <[email protected]>, Tomohiro Fujisaki - Japan Chapter <[email protected]>, Syed Talha Habib - Pakistan Islamabad Chapter <[email protected]>, Gihan Das - Sri Lanka Chapter <[email protected]>, Ruud Janssen <[email protected]>, "Joyce Dogniez, CMM" <[email protected]>, Dave Bancroft Turner <[email protected]>, "Rajnesh D. Singh" <[email protected]>

2.3. Call 28 May 2014

2.3.1. Links to call recording Streaming Recording Link - Download Recording Link -

2.3.2. ISOC Joyce Dogniez Naveed Haq

2.3.3. Moderator Ruud Janssen

2.3.4. Participants George Fong Australia Chapyter Ken Lam Hong Kong Chapter Patrick Pacific Chapter Treasurer Shabbir Ahmed Bangladesh Suhaidi Hassan Malaysia Chapter Tomohiro Fujisaki ISOC Japan Yasuichi Jitamura ISOC Japan Benjamin Ang Singapore Babu Ram Aryal Nepal Chapter

3. Pre-event

3.1. Diagnostic tool

3.1.1. online preffered

3.2. ISOC Connect Community

3.2.1. Aggregate topics for Fishbowl discussions Focus on ISOC Chapter Management

3.2.2. Link =