Sales script of direct calls

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Sales script of direct calls by Mind Map: Sales script of direct calls

1. MIstakes

1.1. No energy in talk

1.2. Do not work with objection\excuses

1.3. Sales by phone but not schedule of appointment

1.4. Tell about the call purpose and pause after that when secretary can begin to obkect

2. Recommendations

2.1. Smiling when talk

2.2. With every new call will have more evergy to talk and easier

2.3. Try to talk standing not seat

3. Call purposes

3.1. Make connect to the person who can make desicion (director, owner, marketing manager, it manager)

3.2. Get secretary as friend

3.3. Make appointment

4. Talk with secretary

4.1. Hello, welcome Self-presentation Purpose of call

4.1.1. - Hello, i listen you - Hello. Is it company "XXX"? - Yes, right - My name is "YYY", company Uptopromo ... (see options) Please, connect e with the person who works on marketing development in your company We offer the tool for the cheap and efficient increasing of your company sales through online by get audience in 20 milliion Thai people who use Google search, and our company clients are already: (some important clients) and many other SME companies. I call to make appointment on which plan to tell you how your company can increase sales from your website by automated Search Engine Optimization when new customers will search services\products which you offer, find your website, click there and become new customers. your company will increase income without overpayments. Please, let me know with who can i talk about this issue?

4.2. Objections\excuses

4.2.1. What do you want? NEVER answer "we would like to offer you..."! It will happen LIKELY before the self-presentation - We will discuss possible cooperation. The purpose of my call is to make appointment where we will tell in details how by using our system (system! not borigan!) your company can increase sales online without overpayments and manual work, the automated promotion in Google will increase your company revenue in few times. About that i want to talk with your marketing manager or director. By the way, what's his name? - XXX XXX - Great, please, connect me with him, i'm holding on the line We want to discuss the providing for your company free monthly access for trial promotion in our system which already for this period of time may give positive financial results to your company as the revenue increase from new customers. And i need to clarify few issues with the person who makes desicion in the marketing of your company. Please, tell me what's his name? I want only to ask him does he want to efficiently get new customers every day fully automatically for low costs without any manual work. I think that it's interesting topic for him, what's his name by the way? Let's i talk to him and tell him how you are good that connected me with him! Our company activity is related to internet, online and promotion of websites there, and our company offers the tool which allow to get easy and really cheap new customers for business. So we will talk about cooperation. Please, tell me with who need i talk? By the way, what;s his name?

4.2.2. Send everything by email Will not get this answer if at first tell :"we will discuss cooperation and i would like to clarify,,,", before to send the details by email or send commercial offer. Everything is ready in written view but the only what i need to clarify with your manager - does he need in that actually, so please connect me with him. By the way, what's his name? Could you remind me what's your name? Tells the name

4.2.3. We are not interested in that - Do i understand correctly that in your competency is not included the decisionmaking of the strategy of development your company? Sure it's not interesing. But what interest can you have if your director not seen, not tried, not gor new sales and not got yet results? My work is to show but his is to assess. So, please connect me with him. Does he available for now? Please. let me know how can i call you? Tells the name

4.2.4. Do you want offer anything?

4.2.5. Why do we need in it? You will get very powerful marketing tool which allow to get customers from all 20 million users of Thai Google for your company. For that we need to your management could increase the efficiency of company marketing and decrease expenses on it and increase revenue. And i want pay your attention again - one month you use our system for free and we will train your staff how to use it. If you will not like that – can decline at any moment, you do not loose anything. So who in your company is responsible for marketing?

5. Talk with person who can make desicion

5.1. Structure

5.1.1. Self-presentation Tell some special for specific client fact - Our existed clians are... - As i know, you are on of the leaders in your industry... Options: Hello. My name is NAME, company Promo Co., LTD. Do you have couple minutes for talk?

5.1.2. Purpose of call I call to give you free access to our system of automated promotion in Thai Google

5.1.3. Tell about the benefit for the person who can make desicion ...with our tool you get the opportunity to get new customers easy and cheap wothout overpayments and manual work, o not need to be specialist ...technologues which allow you to make online-marketing by own hands by any staff who does not have any special knowledge or professional skills. For extremely cheap

5.1.4. Complete the conversation, get appointment - Do i undertand correctly that you have interest in using our system? - Yes - Great. I offer you to meet to we have the time to familiar with our system in details, it's benefits and understand how easy and efficiently use it to get the best results. The point is that to learn our system by yourself will take much more time as well as you can have some questions. Please. let me know, will it be convenient for you to make appointment on Next Monday, 14.00?

5.2. Objections\excuses of the person who can make desicion

5.2.1. Please, tell more about your product\offer Detailed answer about that will make the person to answer "i will think". SO need to give a bit more detailed explanation of the purpose of the call. And tell again about the benefits for him.

5.2.2. Why do we need in it? You get very powerful and efficient tool for online-marketing for your website, be on the 1st page in Google search by keywords which your potential customers search and get a lot of new visitors for a website who search what your company specifically offers. So your business will get new sales and new revenue. And note again that first month you use system for free and we will explain in details technical side of our product. If you won't like – at any time can just refuse, so you do not loose anything. What do you think now?

5.2.3. I will think If have good contact with the person - need to understand what the reason of the uncertainty - I will think - About what do you want to think? - I will think - Sure. It is important to think in advance. Please, tell to me, about what specifically needs you to make thinking? If the person does not want talk \ need to break the deadlock - Experience shows that people usually say "i will think" when do not see the benefit for themselves. What do you think about the utility of our solution for your company? You as the owner of business should understand that as earlier you start, then more money will get, and so i honestly and frankly offer you to spend a bit more time to finally decide, because i see that our offer is potentially interesting for you, right?

5.2.4. We do not have budget for that - Well. Let's assume that you exactly know that our system will give you new revenue. Every day. From the moment of start using. Would you be interesting in using our system this case? Sure

5.2.5. We do already SEO\online-marketing\have specialist in staff Well. Could you clarify - do you have some exclusive service provider or ready to consider other ways if new conditions are favorable and profitable for your business? Exclusive \ we will not change service provide Ready to consider

5.2.6. I will call you back (== "i will think") You know, usually i do the same when do not see clear the benefit in potential cooperation. Sure without obvious benefit nobody wants cooperate. What do you think about the profitability of our offer?

5.2.7. Let's, but later \ not now, later Please, remember sometimes when you defer action, later you understand that lost great opportunities - We can spend 3 or 6 moths in negotiations and expectations. Bur better this time will give real results - your business will give more revenue for you. What you think about that? Agree