How to shine and succeed in an unproductive, non supportive situation.

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How to shine and succeed in an unproductive, non supportive situation. by Mind Map: How to shine and succeed in an unproductive, non supportive situation.

1. An all tech mute button to use when we feel distracted and need quiet.

2. Internal Motivation

2.1. 1. Create a personal song that reminds you to keep your motivation

2.2. 2. Use music as a mantra to focus..focus..

2.3. 3. Create a work playlist where each task is linked to an uplifting song

2.4. 4. Have an audio implant that responds automatically to laziness

2.5. 5. Work out / Yoga

2.5.1. Punch bags, martial arts, kick boxing. Ipod on, of course.

2.5.2. Meditation and music to reduce stress

2.6. 6. Pray, eat, love and sing ...

2.7. 7. Think "they can't possibly survive too long in here" and keep working, whistling "I will survive" ....

2.8. 8. Create a musical "Alert" that works as negative feedback when someone is being lazy (like some truly terrible tunes)

2.8.1. Play "Silly Snoring" sound when someone doesn't meet a deadline

2.9. 9. Participate in a brain research study to learn which types of musical activities best trigger your output

2.10. 10. If rote learning/memorization is involved, set the learning to music

2.11. 11. Encourage team members to adopt a local choir. Do Dance-a-thons to raise money to buy the choir new robes or sheet music.

2.12. 12. Whistle while you work.

2.13. 13. Keep a positive attitude and hum a little tune

2.14. 14. Think positive and find ways to enhance the situation & keep calm with music to time your creativity

2.15. 15. Orchestrate your work to your own satisfaction to reach your potential.

3. External Motivation

3.1. 1. Create a Music Chamber

3.1.1. Programmable Positive Pickup Music Fast music to promote activity

3.1.2. Programmable "Get To It Lazy Buns" Music

3.2. 2. Hire a "Singing Telegram Service" and send a message to the lazy ones

3.2.1. Inspiring song

3.2.2. Move your ....s song

3.2.3. Funny song

3.2.4. "Sitting, doing nothing" by Elton John

3.2.5. Send a musical e-Card like this one to motivate teammates:

3.3. 3. Create a new musical instrument that is so captivating it compels you to work

3.3.1. Use an instrument to celebrate accomplishments -shaking a bell or tambourine when a goal is reached.

3.4. 4. Hire a "Pied Piper" to lead away distractions with music

3.5. 5. Promote competition. Those who can't keep up must stripdance in the middle of the office

3.5.1. Or or add a $1.00 to a Happy Hour jar where the rest of the team gets to spend the $ on an after work social for drinks and to hear a band play

3.6. 6. Make them wear a t-shirt " DEADLINE OR DEATH!!!"

3.7. 7. Install musical robots with "robotic musical shredders" to antagonize your lazy bosses

3.7.1. Bring in your child to practice playing the recorder when your boss is being lazy

3.7.2. Get a parrot to repeat " I can see lazy people", like the kid at Sixth Sense

3.8. 8. Play " I Hate Mondays" or "Hakunna Matata" any day of the week to indicate you will slack off a bit too ...

3.8.1. Create days at work that have different song-based themes to motivate the employees (Manic Monday) "Friday I'm in Love" "Start me up" on mondays "Eight Days a Week" ...

3.9. 9. Have a musical travel service that uplifts commuters on their way to work

3.10. 10. Have an in-house DJ

3.10.1. Get an office jukebox to play music in the halls and common areas. Only team members on target with their deadlines get to choose the songs being played The rest will have to listen to the Chipmunks all day long!

3.10.2. Lazy team members only get 1970's elevator music piped into his/her office.

3.10.3. Buy a player piano to play music in the lobby.

3.11. 11. Sound of Silence. Get a "Bose Quiet Headphone" and simply ignore the world.

3.12. 12. Remember those teacher's boards that kept track of your good/bad behavior with stars or points? Get one for the office with songs / lyrics dedicated to all members of the team

3.13. 13. Musical Brain Breaks built into the daily routine

3.13.1. Company Rhythm Band (my grandma used to have one at her nursing home and I loved it!)

3.13.2. Allow students to come in at lunch and play their instrument for tips- for themselves, their band/orchestra or their favorite charity

3.13.3. Put in a big screen TV in the break room the plays old musical movies.

3.14. 14. Company Policy allowing employees to listen to music while working

3.15. 15. Create a soundtrack full of uplifting songs you can listen to at work

3.15.1. Headphones

3.15.2. Loudspeaker

3.15.3. Itunes playlist

3.15.4. Pandora/Spotify, etc.

3.16. 16. Have an office DJ (rotating task) who picks songs/stations to motivate the masses

3.17. 17. Anonymously Create a Lazy People Song (Complete with Video) to share with the "person in charge"

3.18. 18. Offer up music concert tickets as a reward for meeting deadlines

3.19. 19. Create a team theme song to motivate the team

3.20. 20. Have T-shirts printed up with a custom design for each team member showing their personal theme song.

3.21. 21. Post motivating song lyrics on the office walls.

3.22. 22. Create a billboard to post in the office entry area & on the team website to acknowledge the accomplishments of individuals and groups "Billboard's Top 10 Hits"

3.22.1. Put a bell or buzzer outside of everyone's office that can be "dinged" for "Ding-a-ling" off task behavior Once a person sees another person is showing laziness, ring the bell. (This could be a rotating task.)

3.23. 23. Design staff offices to look like the inside of musical instruments.--calming, acoustically perfect, open, airy.


3.23.2. Sky lights and big windows that open so we can hear birds sing (naturally we will back our building up against wooded areas no some highway or light rail system. LOL)

3.24. 24. 23.Company policy of distributing Free headphones

3.25. 25. A team 'conductor that coordinates all team work (even that of the supervisor.)

3.25.1. The conductor will keep everyone on task through the use of a baton. --Tapping, conducting, thumping lazy people on the head....

3.26. 26. Give away gift cards of downloading music for the 3 highly motivated managers end of each month

3.26.1. ITunes

3.26.2. Windows Store

3.26.3. Xbox Music

3.27. 27. Manager that has the lowest motivation scheme to his employees has to perform a musical motivational theme song end of month in front of the whole company

3.27.1. 27. Remind yourself of the beauty of music and the collective rhythms it needs to have a successful piece

3.28. 28. Those who can't meet deadlines will star in a musical

3.29. 29. Create a music video where you sing workplace rules/productivity guidelines. Share it with your staff

3.30. 30. Have an interactive elevator that lets employees select their own elevator music.

3.31. 31. Put in a sound proof booth for a work area for those members that are easily distracted.

3.32. 32. Anyone that achieves the goal can play their favorite music during break time.

3.33. 33. Play a piece of music as a reminder when it’s one hour before the deadline.

3.34. 34. Set up a daily schedule for everyone in the office. If someone didn’t finish his/her own work that day, sing a song together when it’s time for off work.

3.35. 35. If there’s an assignment that every one needs to hand in daily, play a piece of 3-second music, such as “ We will rock you.”

3.36. 36. Everybody has to put on special shoes when they walk in office that plays music at set intervals

3.37. 37. Incoming and outgoing emails come in and out with a music piece instead of the normal ding sound we now get

3.38. 38. Whenever the computer goes to sleep mode or is not worked on for a set time it plays a wake up music song. its an auto process not controlled by the user

4. New Creations/Odd Ideas

4.1. 1. Get a musical piggy bank. Put a quarter every time laziness shows around

4.2. 2. Go to Karaoke with colleagues to blow off steam

4.2.1. Karaoke at lunch to boost morale!

4.3. 3. Keep track of the lazy ones to have material to write a book about it - e-book with appropriate opening tunes for every chapter

4.3.1. This makes me think of those cards with a song that plays when you open it. You could create a "get to work" card with a musical message!

4.4. 4. Musical bulletin board with internal jobs available

4.4.1. If I can't stand the situation, seek a transfer Musically!

4.4.2. Suggest transfer to others where they can "exploit" their true potential , but with a song

4.5. 5. The Musical Keyboard to make typing fun! Each key is a different tone!

4.5.1. Maybe a musical keyboard with subliminal messages/tunes that make you want to work.

4.6. 6. Create an employee band. They can have lots of purposes (motivation, parties, boosting work sprit, etc.)

4.7. 7. Create a musical about your place of employment. Contact Disney for sponsorship. Try to capture the angst of working when there are lazy people in charge.

4.7.1. Music Video that teaches about the perils/hazards of laziness

4.8. 8. A musical website specifically for work. Where...

4.9. 9. Sound Amplifiers that selectively amplify music/noises that increase productivity

4.10. 10. Cubicles with built-in speakers

4.11. 11. Musical Bonfire for Team Celebrations:

4.12. 12. Hold a benefits concert to raise money for charity and to musically upgrade our workplace.

4.12.1. Benefit concert for Save the Music

4.13. 13. Invite them to a "LAZYPALOOZA"

4.14. 14. Play BAND of THE AGES or ROCK BAND at lunch to increase compromise with the team

4.15. 15. Require all team members (boss included) to "check" there smart phones at the front desk when arriving at work.

4.15.1. Phones will be swapped for iPods. Music will be the only distractions. No texting, Instagram, social email, shopping, FB etc. Internal communication of the team members will be done on computer email or in person. Office rule: no games allowed to be added to work computer.-- Just music and music related websites.--No additional distractions.

4.16. 16. Invent a "mood wall" like a mood ring, but when you put your hand on it morphs into different swirling colors and plays music to fit your mood.

4.17. 17. Install a software for every computer in the office. When staff try to use FB or other social Network / auction websites, the computer will play “ Symphony No.5, Op. 67” immediately.

5. How Does Music Increase Productivity?

5.1. In biological terms, melodious sounds help encourage the release of dopamine in the reward area of the brain

5.2. Dr. Lesiuk’s research focuses on how music affects workplace performance. In one study involving information technology specialists, she found that those who listened to music completed their tasks more quickly and came up with better ideas than those who didn’t, because the music improved their mood.

5.3. Dr. Lesiuk found that personal choice in music was very important. She allowed participants in her study to select whatever music they liked and to listen as long as they wanted. Those who were moderately skilled at their jobs benefited the most, while experts saw little or no effect. And some novices regarded the music as distracting.

5.4. Interesting: Don’t Listen to Music While Studying,

6. Boss Specific Solutions?

6.1. 1. Sign your boss up for a webinar/online class about musically enhancing productivity

6.2. 2. Agree that everyone in the office sing (instead of talking) all day/week/month when communicating with the lazy boss

6.3. 3. Implement SIESTA TIME with soothing music

6.4. 4. Chip in to send the lazy boss away to do musical mission work.

7. Redefintion

7.1. 1. Redefine Success - Become a successful musician

7.2. 2. Redefine "being productive"- listen to different music all day, without getting work done, someone else will do it anyway (maybe the lazy boss?

7.3. 3. Replace all talking by singing (everywhere and all the time), young children will think it's the way to communicate. Musical upbringing will make everyone motivated so no one is lazy

7.4. 4. Change education system so it's based on music and other arts. This will allow for everyone to discover their potential and do what they love, so lazy people are a history.