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About Guru Vinod Ji by Mind Map: About Guru Vinod Ji

1. Astroguru Vinodji is a premier Astrologer and Vastu Expert from the Gurukul of Shri Shri Shri Maharishi Mahesh Yogiji Ved Vidhya Peth, Prayag Raj The Divine Mother is the most powerful force in this world.I have personally experienced that the tears of sorrow can be converted to tears of joy with the Grace of Shakti. And She often uses me as a medium to bring happiness in the lives of people. I use the knowledge of Vedic Shastras, Jyotisha Shastra, Vedas and the subtle and simple remedies prescribed by the Jyotisha Shastra to serve people in distress.

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11. Website- http://www.guruvinodji.com

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