Jessica Hudoka

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Jessica Hudoka by Mind Map: Jessica Hudoka

1. T-shirt

1.1. Cotton

1.1.1. 3 years Cut up your old t-shirts and use them to wash the walls.

2. Jeans

2.1. Cotton

2.1.1. 3 years If the jeans are too short, you can cut them into shorts to wear during summer.

3. Sweatshirts

3.1. Cotton

3.1.1. 5 years Cut them up, and sew them together to make different colored pot holders.

4. Towels

4.1. Cotton

4.1.1. 1 year Towels can be reused to wash a car or you pet.

5. Cellphone

5.1. Oil

5.1.1. 2 years Instead of throwing away an old cellphone, donate it to Cellphone for Soliders.

6. Milk

6.1. Cow

6.1.1. 5 days Reuse the milk container to hold your birdseed.

7. Mirror

7.1. Sand

7.1.1. 10 years Break the glass into little pieces and put it together to make a unique mirror.

8. Lanyard

8.1. Oil

8.1.1. 2 years An old lanyard can hold a spare of house keys.

9. Binders

9.1. Oil

9.1.1. 1 year A binder can hold old papers, make a phone book, or a recipe book.

10. Jewelry

10.1. Silver

10.1.1. 30 years Use old jewelry for art projects or decorations around the house.

11. Water

11.1. Water

11.1.1. 106 Gallon/day Reduce the amount of water you use each day. Take shorter showers and turn the water off while brushing your teeth.

12. Tissues

12.1. Wood fibers/Cotton

12.1.1. 3 weeks Use an empty tissue box to hold grocery bags.

13. Oven

13.1. Steel

13.1.1. 10 years If in good shape, donate your oven to a local school or church.

14. Socks

14.1. Cotton

14.1.1. 6 months Instead of using cotton balls to take your nail polish off, you can use old socks.

15. Toilet

15.1. Clay

15.1.1. 15 years Use an old toilet to create a unique planter.

16. Chapstick

16.1. Beeswax

16.1.1. 3 months Clean out the chapstick tube and hold earings in it.

17. Slippers

17.1. Cotton

17.1.1. 3 years Wash them and use them as mops for washing the floor.

18. Sneakers

18.1. Petroleum/cow

18.1.1. 2 years Send your old sneakers to the Nike Factory. They will reuse the sneakers for rubber on playgrounds.

19. Hair Brush

19.1. Oil

19.1.1. 2 years Use to brush your pets.

20. Tooth Brush

20.1. Oil

20.1.1. 6 months When finished with your tooth brush, you can sanitize it and use it as bathroom scrubber

21. Lotion

21.1. Water

21.1.1. 5 months Clean out the bottle and fill it with shampoo to use when traveling.

22. Perfume

22.1. Oil

22.1.1. 1 year Rinse out the bottle and fill it with water to use when styling your hair.

23. Hair Tie

23.1. Elastic/oil

23.1.1. 3 weeks Use as rubber bands or make them into bracelets.

24. Yogurt

24.1. Cow

24.1.1. 1 week An old yogurt container makes a great plant holder.

25. Dinner Plate

25.1. Clay

25.1.1. 7 years If your dinner plates are not broken, reuse them as plant stands.

26. Silverware

26.1. Steel

26.1.1. 10 years You can use the spoons to play in the sand when you go to the beach. You can bend forks and use them as hooks.

27. Sink

27.1. Clay

27.1.1. 15 years Take off the faucet and use as a mixing bowl.

28. Backpack

28.1. Cotton

28.1.1. 2 years Instead of buying a brand new gym bag, use your back pack