Kyle Crouthamel

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Kyle Crouthamel by Mind Map: Kyle Crouthamel

1. CD

1.1. Oil

1.1.1. 20 years Use itunes or another format of the song like a Mp3 so the discs do not have to be created to listen to music.

2. Apples

2.1. Apple Tree

2.1.1. 20 minutes Put rotten apples or apple cores in the garden, so when they rot it fertilizes the garden naturally.

3. Socks

3.1. Cotton

3.1.1. 1 year You can keep the sock to use as a shower rag.

4. Glass Bowl

4.1. Sand

4.1.1. 15 years Use as small greenhouse to enforce fast growing for plants.

5. Water Bottle

5.1. Oil

5.1.1. 1 month Instead of buying water bottles use aluminum or plastic cans and fill with purified water to reduce the amount of plastic we use.

6. Couch

6.1. Cotton

6.1.1. 20 years Keep cotton and filling from the couch to use as filling for quilts or pillows that you might make.

7. Cereal Box

7.1. Plant Fiber

7.1.1. 1 month You can cut up the box and use it at a place to put your dirty shoes or cleats so the carpet doesnt get dirty.

8. Toothpaste

8.1. Flouride

8.1.1. 3 months Use container to decorate cakes with icing instead of using multiple plastic bags and speacial metal tips for designs.

9. Plates

9.1. Clay

9.1.1. 10 years Break plates to use as tiles for art or use recycled wood plates and bowls.

10. Cabinets

10.1. Tree

10.1.1. 15 Years Instead of buying pure wood cabinets but recycled wood cabinets to save some trees.

11. Computer

11.1. Metal

11.1.1. 10 years Take out all the metals on the inside of the tower and sell for reuse and possibly use the plastic tower for storage.

12. Ipod

12.1. Metal

12.1.1. 5 years Use the metal casing and put house key in their to protect the key.

13. Lamp

13.1. Metal

13.1.1. 10 years Put flourescent lightbulbs in the lamp to save electricity, because they use much less energy to work.

14. Knife

14.1. Metal

14.1.1. 30 years Resharpen blade every month to keep the knife if optimal condition.

15. Gatorade Bottle

15.1. Oil

15.1.1. 6 months Keep bottles to use as a container for water or other drinks to cut down on the iuse of plastic.

16. Bodywash Container

16.1. Oil

16.1.1. 2 months Buy the bodywash in bulk sizes so you get more instead of a lot of small packages.

17. Television

17.1. Metal

17.1.1. 15 years Give back to company for repair, so they can reuse the plastics and metals for new televisions.

18. Toilet

18.1. Porcelain

18.1.1. 15 years If you put bricks in the resevior it cuts down on the water you flush each time, saving water.

19. Lunch Tray

19.1. Oil

19.1.1. 10 years Use the lunchtray as a tray to keep belongings in at home like keys and wallets.

20. 7-11 Soda Cup

20.1. Oil

20.1.1. 1 day Reuse the bottles because you can get a discount for reusing and you are wasting less plastic.

21. Oven

21.1. Metal

21.1.1. 40 years Give to junykard so they can cut it up and resell the metal for reuse on many things.

22. Paper

22.1. Tree

22.1.1. 1 week You can use the paper to make baskets, like in art class.

23. Plastic Cups

23.1. Oil

23.1.1. 1 year Use as small planter to held nurse small plants until their roots grow to replant.

24. Binder

24.1. Oil

24.1.1. 1 year You can use the metal rungs in the binder to use as a clothes hanger or a place to hile your jackets when fastened on wall.

25. Nike Shoes

25.1. Cow

25.1.1. 5 months Pass down to family, it is the best way to get the most out of any type of clothing.

26. Pen

26.1. Oil

26.1.1. 2 months When im done with the pen I can keep the case to use as a dinking straw.

27. Snuggie

27.1. Cotton

27.1.1. 10 years Turn the snuggie around and use it as a shower robe.