Educational Perspectives

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Educational Perspectives by Mind Map: Educational Perspectives

1. Sociological Perspective

1.1. Education and society reflect one another

1.1.1. Professional identity Social media sites impact level of professionalism Dress codes and aesthetic presentation 'Acting' Portray who you want your students to see you as

1.2. Education reflects government

1.2.1. Canadian education system is structured on a provincial level Different provinces have different structure of education system

1.3. Education reflects specific classes

1.3.1. Different areas reflect different socio-economic conditions Differences in both student and parent involvement/behaviours Variety of teaching experiences in different areas and different conditions

2. Philosophical Perspective

2.1. Teaching philosophies continue to evolve

2.1.1. Educators philosophies of learning and teaching change and evolve with experience Continues to develop and evolve throughout careers

2.2. Student and teacher roles in education evolve

2.2.1. Student power is changing More rejection of the 'status quo'

2.2.2. Education is becoming more student centred, self-directed learning Inspiring education

2.3. Social justice issues

2.3.1. Inclusive education

2.3.2. Increasing cultural diversity

2.3.3. LGBTQ

2.3.4. Suppression (residential schooling)

3. Historical Perspective

3.1. Education continues to evolve

3.1.1. Power Parents challenge educators power New and emerging young educators Inclusion More student focus, less teacher focus Teachers role becomes more of a 'facilitator'

3.1.2. Structure Residential schooling School systems now provided based on religion (Catholic, Public etc.) More female dominance Female fulfilling roles of high authority