HCM (in)Suite Integrations

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HCM (in)Suite Integrations by Mind Map: HCM (in)Suite Integrations

1. Rx Social Apply Social network data will populate the candidate profile

2. Employee Central (EC)

2.1. EC to Comp

2.2. EC to EC Payroll

2.3. EC to Var Pay

2.4. EC to PM-GM

3. Succession & Development

3.1. Succession to RCM requisitions created via the succession org chart will populate job profile

4. Recruiting (RCM)

4.1. Baseline Rx Integration candidate SSO/recruiter SSO realtime job sync employee referral advanced analytics

4.2. Recruiting to Onboarding Post hire verification New hire fields

4.3. RCM to SHL Assessments Provisioning Opt-in PS engagement Boomi licenses

5. Recruiting Marketing (RMK)

6. Onboarding

6.1. Onboarding to EC

7. Compensation

7.1. Publish fields back to EC Field mapping Effective Date

8. Variable Pay

8.1. Variable Pay to PM/GM

9. JAM

9.1. Jam to LMS

10. Learning (LMS)

10.1. Learning to EC

11. Workforce Planning/Analytics

12. Performance Management, Goal Management (PM-GM)

12.1. PM/GM to Succession

12.2. PM/GM to Onboarding