One Hundred Years of Solitude

This a map of the García Márquez's famous 1968 novel from Colombia.

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One Hundred Years of Solitude by Mind Map: One Hundred Years of Solitude

1. Fragment 20 (399-417)

1.1. Macondo

1.1.1. -"in a process of annihilation, consuming itself from within, ending at every moment but never ending its ending" (403-404)

1.1.2. Banana Company city is a "plain of wild grass" (404)

1.2. Buendía house

1.2.1. becomes withered by the red ants, which Amaranta ceases trying to stop -405, 406, 410, 411,

1.3. Pilar Ternera

1.3.1. dies

1.4. Catalonian bookseller

1.4.1. Returns to Barcelona becomes nostalgic for Macondo

1.5. Gaston

1.5.1. left Macondo, tired of waiting for the airplane from Brussels

1.6. Amaranta Úrsula

1.6.1. -"mad passion, unhinging...perpetual excitement" (405) -walked around naked like Remedios -had carnal relations pretty much throughout the house all the time pregnancy baby born with pig's tail dies from "bleeding an uncontainable torrent" (412)

1.7. Aureliano

1.7.1. -stops translating parchments to engagement in voracious and insatiable lovemaking with Amaranta

1.7.2. Seeks out geneaology, tormented by thought he might be Amaranta's brother chats with Father Nicanor Reyna, who denies the existence of Col. Aureliano Buendía's 32 armed uprisings and the banana massacre's 3000 killed Macondo's history is oblivion

2. Fragment 15 (293-314)

2.1. (293-303)

2.1.1. Fernanda She brought a child home and lied about it She decides to drown New Aureliano but can't go through with it She lies to Jose Arcadio about his sister's death She puts Meme in a convent and doesn't tell Aureliano Segundo SOLITUDE after her fight with Aureliano Segundo She had to put off her telepathic operation

2.1.2. Jose Arcadio Segundo He begins the banana strike He is put in jail but released when they didn't want to feed him Lawyers decide that the workers don't exist so they have no case

2.2. (304-314)

2.2.1. Macondo soldiers arrive, workers began sabotage "They burned plantations and commissaries, tore up tracks to impede the passage of the trains that began to open their path with machine-gun fire, and they cut telegraph and telephone wires." (303) army massacred tons of workers in the square with machine guns, loaded them onto train

2.2.2. Mr. Brown He and his family taken out of Macondo and protected by army

2.2.3. Jose Arcadio Segundo survives massacre & wakes up next to dead bodies on train, he escapes finds his way back to Macondo, where no one has heard of the massacre army comes to Ursulas house looking for him, recalls Colonel Aureliano Buendia's recollections of war... "He could not understand why he had needed so many words to explain what he felt in war because one was enough : fear." (312) locks himself in Melquiades room reading his manuscripts solitude

2.2.4. Aureliano Segundo sees his brother with the same fate as their great grandfather

3. Fragment 1 (1-18)

3.1. José Arcadio Buendía

3.1.1. -patriarch of Macondo -absorbed in experiments thanks to Melquiades's technology -spends hours alone -becomes distant to family Solitude

3.1.2. Aureliano Buendía (Colonel)

3.1.3. José Arcadio

3.2. Macondo

3.2.1. -20 adobe houses -"many things lacked names" (1) -isolated from the world -only contact through gypsies References both colonization and a mythical origin story

3.2.2. A young village: no one over 30 years old and NO ONE HAS DIED. (9)

3.3. Melquiades

3.3.1. -gypsy, comes from outside world -brings technologies: magnet, magnifying glass, astrolobe, compass, sextant Representation of early modernity

3.3.2. "Science has eliminated distance." (20) Harvey's Time-Space Compression of Modernity?

3.3.3. defeats death? survives... -pellagra in Persia, beriberi in Japan, bubonic plague in Madagascar, an earthquake in Sicily, a shipwreck in Strait of Magellen (5) gets younger as time moves forward unwrinkled, youthful (8) Mythic Time Time appears to move in reverse

3.4. Ursula Iguarán

3.4.1. -matriarch of Macondo -Active, small, severe -"woman of unbreakable nerves" -"seemed to be everywhere" -Buendía house remains clean and tidy because of her

4. Fragment 2 (19-36)

4.1. Flashback in time: NON-LINEAR Narrative

4.1.1. Sir Francis Drake attacks Riohacha 1569

4.1.2. -José Arcadio Buendía and Ursula are cousins... -INCEST! "Pig's Tail" precedent - cousin who dies from having it removed (20) BARBARISM as foundational metaphor of Latin America Prophecy? spreads fear of their reproducing rumors of J.A.B.'s impotence

4.1.3. J.A.B. kills Prudencio Aguilar out of anger and the threat to his masculinity Prudencio's ghost hangs around, causing others to feel sad for him and J.A.B. decides to move so as to not found a city based on a murder. Reveals Macondo to be founded upon phantasmatic beginnings

4.2. Aureliano Buendía - interest in science/alchemy

4.2.1. Follows in father's footsteps Repetition/cyclical nature

4.3. José Arcadio

4.3.1. -"strong...too big for his age... monumental...disproportionate well equipped for life that he seemed abnormal" (25)

4.3.2. mysterious, card-reading woman (Pilar Ternera) attracts him and starts a torrid love affair where he visits her home every night impregnates Pilar Ternernera

4.3.3. -Falls in love a young, gypsy girl -leaves with gypsies Ursula goes in search of him for FIVE MONTHS -returns, having discovered the route through the swamp, effectively "beating" J.A.B.'s technology-laden attempts to do so.

4.4. Amaranta is born

5. Fragment 3 (37-58)

5.1. Macondo

5.1.1. -Upon Úrsula's return, town becomes prosperous. -José Arcadio Buendía is authority figure "Fascinated by an immediate reality that came to be more fantastic than the vast universe of his imagination, he lost all interest in the alchemist's laboratory...and went back to being the enterprising man of earlier days" (42). -plague of insomnia increases productivity, but townspeople have "nostalgia for dreams." Evolution/Modernization

5.2. Arcadio

5.2.1. -son of José Arcadio and Pilar Terneras -Jose Arcadio missing from Macondo at time of birth

5.3. Rebeca

5.3.1. -orphan, arrives to Macondo in poor health -taken in by Buendía family -infected with insomnia that evolves into memory loss. -"a solitary character and an impenetrable heart" (69). Solitude

5.4. Aureliano

5.4.1. -solitary, consumed by work as a silversmith -predicts arrival of Rebeca -develops label system "The system demanded so much vigilance and moral strength that many succumbed to the spell of an imaginary reality..." -falls in love with Remedios Solitude Lust

5.5. Don Apolinar Mascote

5.5.1. -magistrate -brings family to Macondo, sent by government -power struggle between Don Apolinar and Jose Arcadio Buendia

5.6. Melquiades

5.6.1. -returns to Macondo with daguerrotype, cures insomnia -"could not bear the solitude" of death , and returns to Macondo because of his faithfulness to life (54). Magic/Reality

6. Fragment 4 (59-78)

6.1. Pietro Crespi

6.1.1. -Italian man who comes to town to set up the pianola (59)

6.1.2. -"most handsome and well-mannered man who had ever been seen in Macondo" (59)

6.1.3. -Becomes Rebeca's fiancé (69)

6.1.4. -Sets up a toy store in Macondo (74)

6.2. Melquiades

6.2.1. -Gets older and older (70)

6.2.2. -People begin to forget about him (70) -"but little by little he began abandoning him [Melquiades] to his solitude" (70) Solitude

6.2.3. -First person to die in Macondo (73)

6.3. José Arcadio Buendía

6.3.1. -"stopped his pursuit of the image of God… he took the pianola apart in order to decipher its magical secret" (61) magical vs reality

6.3.2. -Makes fun of Rebeca consulting and believing cards, yet still secretly afraid of it (75) magical vs reality

6.3.3. -Refused to believe Melquiades had actually died (72) -Gets hit by reality and they finally bury him (73) magical vs reality

6.3.4. -Goes crazy, stops eating, stops sleeping, begins "speaking a strange language and giving off a green froth at the mouth." (78) With the help of 20 men, he is finally tied to a tree behind the house. Solitude

6.4. Aureliano Buendía

6.4.1. -Madly in love with Remedios Moscote. "…everything, even music, reminded him of Remedios (65) -Proposes to Remedios

6.4.2. Remedios Mascote -daughter of Don Apolinar

6.4.3. -Gets really drunk and sleeps with Pilar Ternera (66-67)

6.4.4. -Begins to act like Melquiades; lonely, talking to himself, begins to wonder about life, sees and talks to Prudencio Aguilar [he's dead] (76-78) Solitude magical vs reality

6.5. Amaranta

6.5.1. -Wants to kill Rebeca, her sister, because she's engaged to Pietro (73)

6.6. Rebeca

6.6.1. -Attempts suicide by eating earth (65)

6.6.2. -Very afraid of Amaranta's death threats (73-74)

7. Fragment 5 (79-101)

7.1. Rebeca

7.1.1. wedding keeps getting postponed due to events solitude

7.1.2. becomes enthralled with Jose Arcadio, and begin affair they get married and are exhiled by Ursala illegitimacy

7.2. Pietro Crespi

7.2.1. -gets a mysterious letter saying his mother has died, leaves before wedding

7.2.2. Engagement to Rebeca ends Asks to marry Amaranta

7.3. Amaranta

7.3.1. -Continues to sabbatoge Rebecas wedding -tried to poison Rebeca but kills Remedios instead adopts Aureliano Jose out of guilt foreshadow he would share her solitude and relieve her of her madness (88)

7.4. Remedios

7.4.1. Reaches adolescence and Aureliano and her get married - takes cares for the Buendia family -"brought a meriment to the house (86) Accidentally poisoned by Amaranta -The whole town goes into mourning -Ursala prohibits any talking for a year

7.5. Aureliano

7.5.1. resigned to solitude after Remedios death (94)

7.5.2. Impending concern of the breakout of a war with the Conservatives vs. the Liberals Becomes Colonel Aureliano Buendia

7.6. Father Nicanor

7.6.1. comes to marry Remedios and Aureliano

7.6.2. stays because "appalled at the hardness of the inhabitiants of Macondo (81) Decides to build church in Macondo Attempts to prove the legitimize the existence of god by drinking hot chocolate and levitating

7.7. Jose Arcadio

7.7.1. Mourning of Remedios ends in his return to Macondo

7.7.2. He is a beat man, tattoos allover, impulsive and crude

7.7.3. "He did not suceed in becoming incorporated into the family (90) -isolates himeselfparties all night, sleeps all day

7.7.4. marries Rebeca

8. Fragment 7 (121-140)

8.1. End of war

8.1.1. Colonel Aureliano Buendía Captured by conservatives and condemned to die by much anticipated (by the reader) firing squad. Brought to Macondo for sentence to be carried out Described as solitary, (123), perhaps due to condemnation and imprisonment, loss of the war and destruction of his forces, but also in actions Seems to know everything that has happened in Macondo since he left. Self sufficient in his solitude, doesn't need information from others. Escapes execution through twist of fate and traitorous executioners. Resumes war effort

8.2. Premonition

8.2.1. Úrsula Premonition/sixth sense (121) where she hears Aureliano in her ear and believes they will see him soon This is later confirmed and he returns to Macondo

8.2.2. Colonel Aureliano Buendía Recognizes assassins 4 times before they can attack Premonition to ask for execution in Macondo This pays off, he escapes the firing squad "Take good care of papa because he is going to die." (138) Prediction of JAB's death Correct (more or less)

8.2.3. Rebeca Might not fall into this category, but the is insistent that Colonel Aureliano Buendía will be executed by the graveyard like Arcadio, despite the fact it denies logic Correct!

8.2.4. "Watch out for your mouth," Pilar Ternera's words given meaning two days later when CAB is poisoned. Somehow he does not die

8.2.5. Question: "Is premonition an important aspect of the novel, or just another manifestation of magical realism?"

8.3. Solitude

8.3.1. Physical Separation Motif throughout the novel Colonel Aureliano Buendía, José Arcadio Buendía, other are thinking about eachother but are physically separated. Also seen in chapter 6, Amaranta denies Pietro Crespi even though she desires to be with him. Occurs also with Colonel Gerineldo Márquez, (138) Has she condemned herself to solitude for what she feels is responsibility about Remedios? Is it guilt?

8.3.2. Breaking away from solitude, revealed on 130 that Arcadio and Sofía achieved closeness to the extent she correctly knows he meant for the child to be named Remedios. However Arcadio is executed right after he finally escapes his solitude, plunging him back in. Question: What does Remedios, if anything, represent to the characters who survive her?

8.4. Fate

8.4.1. José Arcadio makes no plans to intervene in CAB's execution, but when it occurs nearby he intervenes. Very little is given to the reader regarding his motives. Is it the affront of the squad's arrogance, or fate that causes José Arcadio to intervene?

8.4.2. Captain sees J. Arcadio and declares his appearance that of 'Divine Providence" (129). No reason to believe the conservative forces in Macondo are actually liberals, so weight must be placed on fate for them to switch sides so easily.

8.5. José Arcadio

8.5.1. Murdered, unclear how this occurs Blame is not placed on Rebeca, Left ambiguous however -proves a good shot, killing thief later -contacts Bishop, maybe seeking absolution In any case J. Arcadio's death plunges her into lifelong isolation. Blood runs all through the town and right to Úrsula, could be a manifestation of premonition Guilt of the murder haunts the grave and body for years with the smell of gunpowder magical vs reality

8.6. José Arcadio Buendía

8.6.1. Death Time continuum Repeating room dream, José is lost in an intermediate time Before his death but during his final days he discusses with Prudencio Aguilar, the man he killed earlier in the novel. As he slips into death he becomes less with the living and more with the dead. Rain of flowers, like the flowers from the unexplainable ship magical vs reality May be total coincidence but death arrives for JAB as solitude leaves Macondo more and more Introduction of telegraph on 130, town described larger as pages turn

9. Fragment 6 (103-120)

9.1. 103-110

9.1.1. Colonel Aureliano Buendia Foreshadow of his life (104) Has 17 illegitamite children, "survived 14 attempts at his life, 73 ambushes, and a firing squad"(103)

9.1.2. Arcadio left in charge of Macondo takes on Dictatorship

9.1.3. Ursala Appalled at Arcadios cruelty takes over after whipping Arcadio (107) Reestablishes order to Macondo

9.1.4. Amaranta refuses Pietro Crespis hand in marriage

9.1.5. Pietro Crespi kills himself ill fate

9.2. 111-120 (evan)

9.2.1. Arcadio Arcadio's emotional isolation / solitude is revealed (based on upbringing) Like Melquíades, Arcadio is somewhat marginalized within the family. Not surprisingly it is revealed that Melquíades and Arcadio became closer in their isolation. Lots of contributing factors, certainly absence of José Arcadio and not knowing his real mother probably played a role here. "To my great honor," he said, "I am not a Buendía." (111) Some more odd incestual stuff -- Arcadio want's to have sex with Pilar Ternera, his mother. This theme has occurred several times. Ends up marrying / having children with Santa Sofía de la Piedad, who Ternera payed to replace her in their rendezvous. Tyrannical rule Selfishness / self centered outlook, which is seen in many characters

9.2.2. Úrsula and José Arcadio Buendía José Arcadio Buendía continues to live mostly in his solitude. This is perpetuated by Úrsula who lies to him to avoid troubling his mind. (114)

9.2.3. José Arcadio Continues his macho man ways Takes over land from others and charges a tax based on idea that land actually belongs to the Buendías Arcadio assists with this

9.2.4. The War Colonel Gregorio Stevenson tells them C. Aureliano B. wants them to surrender the town if necessary. Arcadio doesn't listen. Seems not to trust CGS, but more likely he is just defiant and uncompromising. Arcadio sentenced to die by firing squad Just as he escapes his solitude and begins a family with Sofía it all comes crashing down.

10. Fragment 8 (141-159)

10.1. Macondo the world and the Buendias

10.1.1. War and confusion There is war, rebellion, parties pitted against one another; Colonel A.B. has 17sons all christened Aureliano Reminiscent of the City of Babel, biblical city of confusion and sin. This is ironic because soldier says to Aureliano Jose, "we're fighting this war against the priests so that a person can marry his mother" (148)

10.1.2. Macondo is becoming a part of the world "Macondo raised to the status of a municipality and [General Moncada] was therefore its first mayor" (146)

10.2. Solitude

10.2.1. It's ironic that as Macondo becomes more and more a part of the world, the Buendia family is folding more and more in on itself The repetition of names Incest Perhaps the ultimate form of solitude within the Buendia family, so isolated that now members are wanting to mate amongst the group Various religious references

11. Fragment 9 (161-180)

11.1. 161-170 (Sydney)

11.1.1. Colonel Aureliano Buendia Realizes the emptiness of the war The war is empty (as he now realizes) and he is empty too Almost taking the place of Aureliano Jose, with watching Amaranta and spending company together Cycle, circular, things repeating themselves

11.1.2. The sewing machine (162) Symbolic of time I counted how many words referencing time there are on page 162 (7) and how many referencing a return of some sort (7) and then noticed how the colonel takes control of the sewing wheel and keeps it turning for Amaranta

11.2. 171-180 (Logan)

11.2.1. Aureliano Buendia Following saving Colonel Marquez, they fight together to end the war. Aureliano returns home, not the same man that he was: Weathered, and solitary. Solitude Notices Pilar Ternera has changed, but doesn't notice things have changed around the house or Aramranta. Following signing the armistice, he feels as though he has betrayed his party. Shoots himself in the iodine circle on his chest where his "heart is".

11.2.2. Premonition Ursula "If it's not the war, it can only be death" Bars the door shut once Aureliano leaves, saying the house will suffer for years Sees worms in the pot of boiling water at the same instant that the Colonel shoots himself.

11.2.3. Remidios the Beauty Young guard driven mad and dies

12. Fragment 10 (181-201)

12.1. Solitude

12.1.1. Colonel Aureliano Buendia Locks himself in his workshop making gold fishes. Gains nothing but spending time on his own, concentrating on nothing else Makes random appearances back into the story, but overall contributes very little.

12.1.2. Aureliano Segundo Similarly, locks himself up with Melquiadez's documents. Also communicates with Melquiadez. Melquiadez is dead, but his storys are told through the writings and Aureliano's imagination. Talks about the gypsies bring magic lamps and flying mats to Macondo. Marries Petra Cotes Magical union that promotes the fertility of all of their animals.

12.2. Jose Arcadio Segundo

12.2.1. Aureliano's twin brother Good vs. Evil Witnesses shooting and becomes fearful of being buried alive. Sleeps with Petra Cotes Aureliano is also sleeping with her Contracts disease and is scared off Is successful once to navigate a boat to the town. It's towed by men pulling along the shore. This exploration is a parallel to his Jose Arcardio Buendia Brings foreigners promoting a carnival in the town. Names son: Jose Arcardio Ursula doesn't complain about the repeat of names. Vows that he is a future Pope and takes care of him.

12.3. Carnival

12.3.1. Remidios the Beauty is made the queen of the carnival She is beautiful and has many men interested Shows her face when she received the yellow rose. Has a childlike innocence

12.3.2. Intruding Queen: Fernanda del Carpio Her men fire shots when "Long live the Liberal party!" is shouted. Theme of death is once again restored to Macondo

13. Fragment 11 (203-222)

13.1. Aureliano Segundo

13.1.1. Relational comparisons between Fernanda del Carpio and Petra Cotes. "expansive, open, and she had injected him with a joy for living" vs "Fernanda did not give up her drive to impose the customs of her ancestors" Old vs new world. Effects of these opposites Modernity

13.1.2. Returned to the bed of Petra Cotes in order to keep the animals breeding Expansion and growth of society

13.2. Fernanda del Carpio

13.2.1. "One day you will be a queen" Cyclical time and repetition of grandmother Prophecy

13.3. Jubilee

13.3.1. Caused the arrival of Colonel Aureliano Buendia's 17 sons Arrived from "the most distant corners of the coast"-creating diversity Initiation of expansion and wildness Ash wednesday cross permanently on their foreheads. "From now on they will know who you are".

13.4. Rebeca

13.4.1. Discovered in a rotting home Solitude

13.5. Aureliano Centeno

13.5.1. He was a hard worker, powerful, strong, innovative Increased production and usefulness of ice, bringing prosperity Aureliano Triste wanted to expand ice business-so built a railroad. "A kitchen dragging a village behind it" Yellow-train, flowers, goldfish. Sign of caution but also of energy and joy.

13.6. Inventions

13.6.1. Train, theater, telephone, electric bulbs, phonographs, hot-air balloons, wooden houses with zinc roofs Explosion of modernity and technology Compare this to the discovery of the banana by Mr. Herbert, man with the hot air-balloon. Irony "So many pleasant and unpleasant moments, so many changes, calamities, and feelings of nostalgia to Mocondo" Contradictory effects on society

14. Fragment 12 (223-243)

14.1. Jaren 234-243

14.1.1. Remedios ignorant of the fact that he beauty was deadly (p. 234) magical realism and solitude ascends into the air (p. 236) magical realism

14.1.2. Banana Plantation sets up brutal police force which changes to assassin group (p. 238) kill father and child for bumping into them (p. 238) speeds up modernization only Remedios the Beauty never felt the change

14.1.3. Colonel Aurelianos Buendia sensed the death of his sons (p. 236) magical realism and prophecy

14.1.4. Theaters, phonographs, prostitutes and luxury imports come into town modernization

14.2. Remedios the Beauty

14.2.1. Beauty that kills. "torturing men beyond death, right down to the dust of their bones" Dies peacefully by rising from her sheets and waving goodbye and feeling no pain Beauty, Death, Innocence, Feminism

15. Fragment 13 (245-267)

15.1. Ursula

15.1.1. realizes time is moving faster now than in past (p. 245) “The years nowadays don’t pass the way the old ones used to” (p. 245) used to not have to worry about death, children took longer to age

15.1.2. goes blind and notices the routines of everyone’s day and that they are always the same (p. 246) time changing, solitude in the same repetition of actions, ANMESIA and NOSTAGLIA keep people in the present (Colonel) or the past (Remedios)

15.2. Aureliano

15.2.1. almost dies in an eating contest (p. 257) PRIDE within the Aurelianos will lead to sufferings

15.3. Feelings and how they are dealt with change

15.3.1. after near death experience doesn’t miss a beat and throws and even more extravagant party (p. 251) PRIDE and changing of TIME QUESTION: Would you say that the difference between technology and magic is a question of perspective rather than an objective fact in the book?

15.3.2. Remedios disappears and Fernanda only misses her sheets (p. 251) Forgets about Remedios TIME

15.3.3. Aurelianos sons die and theres a party before they are even cold in their graves TIME and PRIDE

16. Fragment 14 (269-291)

16.1. Amaranta

16.1.1. She plans Rebeca's death and is confused about the difference between love and hate She gets a visit from Death She becomes the messenger for Death and feels she has made up for any sins. She dies content

16.2. Fernanda

16.2.1. She talks with the invisible doctors

16.2.2. Discovers that Meme is kissing Mauricio and waits to strike When she discover Meme's scheme the second time she decides to take care of it right away

16.3. Aureliano Segundo

16.3.1. Begins to have fun with Meme and spend all of his time with her after thinking she was ill when she was just drunk He was her confidante and now she has created a space between them with Mauricio Do you think Aureliano's ability to hang out with his daughter is a way to become less isolated from her or more isolated from everyone else?

16.4. Meme

16.4.1. She gets drunk Later meets Mauricio and becomes lovestruck She disobeys her solitude in the house from Mauricio

16.5. Ursula

16.5.1. People still don't know she's blind She still notices Meme's activities first

16.6. Mauricio Babilonia

16.6.1. followed by yellow butterflies Gets shot and is accused of being a theif SOLITUDE

17. Fragment 16 (315-332)

17.1. Macondo

17.1.1. rained 4 years, 11 months, 2 days

17.2. Santa Sofia de la Piedad

17.2.1. dies of leeches

17.3. Fernanda

17.3.1. since birthing Amaranta Ursula has intestinal or uterine problems, reason for invisible doctor causes fear of Aureliano Segundo returning to her room fear

17.4. Ursula

17.4.1. claims she is waiting for rain to stop to die reminds me of Amaranta, who was prepared for her death

17.4.2. mind is getting worse, no sense of time, recalls old stories as if they just happened

17.5. Petra Cotes

17.5.1. working at home to remove corpses of their dead animals from flooding exterminating fortune

17.5.2. makes raffle tickets for the one mule she had saved in the floods

17.6. Aureliano Segundo

17.6.1. returns to concubines to help, stays for 3 months

17.6.2. returns to Fernanda where they fight over lack of food

17.6.3. with Ursula's recollections remembers buried fortune & hires people to dig in search of it, becomes consumed

17.6.4. returns to Petra Cotes when rain ends to find her working to pay for damages of the flooding

18. Fragment 17 (333-354)

18.1. Macondo

18.1.1. -despair -defeated -its inhabitants so removed from the rest of the world

18.1.2. Buendía house disrepair after flood red ants removing house's foundations Úrsula restores house finds José Arcadio Segundo forgotten in Melquiades's room time..."was turning in a circle"

18.1.3. DROUGHT an arid wind; unbearable heat sets in bird plague sets in caused by a Wandering Jew or old man with wings cut off

18.1.4. gypsies return dragging an metal ingot through the town repetition from first chapters giant magnifying glass gypsy woman's false teeth spectacle

18.2. Ursula

18.2.1. "had to make a great effort to fulfill her promise to die when it cleared" (17)

18.2.2. shrinks -"a newborn old woman" -"a cherry raisin inside her nightgown (341) talks out loud "lost in a labyrinth of dead people" dies rather humorously Good Friday 115-122 years old

18.3. Rebeca

18.3.1. dies right after Úrsula

18.4. José Arcadio Segundo

18.4.1. -was forgotten about for years -locked away in Melquiades's room begings to decipher the parchments

18.4.2. "Always remember that there were three thousand and that they were thrown into the sea" (353)

18.5. Aureliano (II)

18.5.1. begins to decipher the parchments with José Arcadio Segundo

18.5.2. witnesses JA2's death

18.6. Aureliano Segundo

18.6.1. Divine Providence Raffles to raise money for sending off Amaranta Úrsula to Brussels for education not very successful but time consuming solitude

18.6.2. realized he is dying

18.7. Petra Cotes

18.7.1. Animals dead from flood or sterile

18.7.2. fell back into love with with Aureliano Segundo a "shared solitude"

19. Fragment 18 (355-375)

19.1. Macondo

19.1.1. Buendía house after Úrsula's death, house "plunged into a crisis of senility" (358) -Moss grows -weeds -red ants "penetrated into the heart of the house" -spiderwebs -termites "broken-down furniture weeds on the porch" (368)

19.1.2. "desolate houses deserted streets" (365) "deserted town, barely illuminated with yellowish bulbs" (372)

19.2. Santa Sofía de la Piedad

19.2.1. falls apart; cannot keep the Buendía house together (358) Gives up, Leaves Macondo forever

19.3. Aureliano (II)

19.3.1. Succeeds in translating some of Melquiades's parchments Buys other books to help him continue translating -very solitary -has left the house only twice

19.4. Fernanda del Carpio

19.4.1. loses sense of time -grows further into solitude -does not communicate with Aureliano -dies -found "intact" 4 months later

19.5. José Arcadio

19.5.1. returns from Rome finds Fernanda dead immediately takes role of Fernanda, tells Aureliano "So you're the bastard. Go to your room." 365) -has questionable relations with kids in Macondo. they bathe him and stay at the house -"One of the children...was accustomed to sleeping in the house" (370)

19.5.2. discovers the three sacks of gold coins Aureliano Segundo tried to find killed/drowned by four kids he invited and later rejected from the house they steal the three sacks of gold

19.6. Aureliano Amador

19.6.1. 17th Aureliano seeks refuge but is denied by Aureliano and José Arcadio killed by two policeman pursuing him for years

20. Fragment 19 (377-397)

20.1. Buendía house

20.1.1. being undermined by red ants

20.1.2. Amaranta's arrival rejuvenates the house significantly, and she takes up the role of Úrsula and her mother Fernanda

20.2. Amaranta Úrsula

20.2.1. Returns from Brussels with husband on a leash Gaston -Fleming -brings velocipide (bicycle) -starts Airmail service with Belgium (has diligence similar to Mr. Herbert)

20.2.2. -"A free and modern spirit" -small, active and indomitable like Úrsula -almost as pretty as Remedios the Beauty (378)

20.2.3. returns to Macondo provoked by "nostalgic mirage" and the town was "idealized by nostalgia" (380-381) Nostalgia

20.3. Aureliano

20.3.1. leaves house more

20.3.2. still most interested in translating the parchments

20.3.3. "a hermetic man with a cloud of mystery that time was making denser" (383)

20.3.4. remembers or "tries to reconstruct in his imagination the annihilated splendor of the old banana-company town" (384)

20.3.5. takes a prostitute lover, Nigromanta

20.3.6. becomes obsessed with Amaranta: "[she] gave him a sisterly embrace that left him breathless" and "he felt that same spongy release in his bones" and "tried to squelch the torment" and "waits for her with anxiety" (386) Eventually gives in and makes love to Amaranta who resists and then gives in as well, finally consummating their love in incest

20.3.7. "It never occured to him until then to think that literature was the best plaything that had ever been invented to make fun of people..." (388) metafiction

20.3.8. finds that school textbooks, aka the official word or version of the truth, perpetuate a lie: the banana company , strike and massacre never happened! word that it happens is met with distrust. "between Gabriel and Aureliano were linked with a complicity based on real facts that no one believed in" (390) "both of them found themselves off course in the tide of a world that had ended and of which only the nostalgia remained" (390)

20.4. Pilar Ternera

20.4.1. -reappears -145 years old

20.4.2. -tells Aureliano that "the history of the family was a machine with unavoidable repetitions" (396) -and that Amaranta was, in fact, returning these feelings for him secretly.