Voice of the Living Project

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Voice of the Living Project by Mind Map: Voice of the Living Project

1. Project

1.1. Logistics

1.1.1. Process What? Preserving memories of victims of Why? social impact forecast Process Platforms Action

1.2. Structure

1.2.1. Ownership PUBLIC PROJECT

1.2.2. Founder Helping Hand Coalition for Israel GLOBAL FORUM

1.2.3. Partners Israel Organizations State Museums Schools and Universities NGO's Municipalities IDF Global NGOs Media networks Christian networks Jewish communities Regional Ministries of Education

1.3. Timetable

1.3.1. Startup 2014 1 2 3 4

1.3.2. Stories 2015 1,000,000 2016 6,000,000

1.4. Website

1.4.1. Purpose Collecting stories of ALL who have suffered Integration of all participating partners Saving new stories Integration with existing data base

1.4.2. Modules build Data Base Language outsorced Education Interactive Commercial Charity

1.4.3. Channels what War when WWII who Civilians Veterans Holocaust Survivors Refugees where Europe Asia Africa Americas