Module 3 Making Sales

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Module 3 Making Sales by Mind Map: Module 3  Making Sales

1. Validating demand

1.1. What is validation

1.2. Proof that there is a demand for your product

1.3. Why validate

1.3.1. Things you will avoid Waisting time creating things people will never buy Waisting your time Second guessing yourself Doubt that prevents action

1.3.2. Thing you will get Start with a low or no budget Give you motivation that your on the right path Reinvest profits into ads Motivation - your in business Out of your comfort zone Increased confidence Will become fun after you get into flow Your making money before you spend a lot of time creating Your making sales before you finish this program not after

2. Continue getting survey applications

2.1. Continue marketing and getting people into founding members

2.2. Once you have got your first 20-30 founding members stop giving away the program for FREE and start charging a small amount

2.3. Examples

2.3.1. 3 Options Just the product Product + weekly coaching Product + weekly coaching + 1 on 1

2.4. Start giving strategy session for Free and selling people into the program

2.5. Naming examples

2.5.1. Why naming If you name your strategy session after a benefit/results people will be more attracted to it and likely take you up on your offer

2.5.2. "Get your ex back breakthrough session"

2.5.3. "Approach girls with confidence breakthrough session"

2.5.4. "60 day Six Pack"

2.6. More surveys = more sales

2.7. Drip Content

2.7.1. Keep releasing modules

2.7.2. Keep making pre-sales

2.7.3. Until you officially launch product

3. Making Your First Sale

3.1. FEAR

3.1.1. "To get what you want you have to do what is uncomfortable and your afraid of"

3.2. Mindset

3.2.1. Your serving people

3.2.2. Your NOT trying to get money from people

3.2.3. "Seek first to understand then to be understood " - Steven Covey

3.3. Why make calls

3.3.1. Before you can pitch the "right" solution, you have to understand the "right" customer problem What happens if you don't Your offer might not match needs of our target audience Gaps in your product that people want but wont' tell you Incomplete product Refunds Customers who are average but raving fans What happens if you do Emotional connection Identify PAIN beyond survey and get into REAL reasons which are not obvious You get to build a very close to perfect product Customers tell you their exact problems People love the personal connection Can't sell it on phone won't sell online Constantly improve your offer until it's just right Get to learn who you target audience and all their problems, challenges, fears, needs, wants. Create raving fans

3.3.2. Life is too short to keep building something nobody (or not enough people ) want

3.4. How to

3.4.1. Before Call Planning & Preparing Pen Yellow Legal Pad Sharpie Marker Optional Record Call Back phone if your using Skype allows recording PayPal Payment Link already created in a txt file account to process cc Follow up system First call to setup appointment 30 minutes to hour Make appointment time scheduled Don't have the call there and there Use to schedule blocks and have people select time for their call Advantage Follow up via email or Facebook once they scheduled to confirm Optional create an assistant [email protected] Every person who is interested needs a follow up

3.4.2. During the call Mindset Enthuastic Helpful Curious about their challenges Most of the call should be focused on their challenges Detach yourself from the sale emotionally Only work with people who you feel it's a fit How to structure the call Big ideas Introduce yourself State your purpose Ask for permission to ask questions Build rapport What have they tried and failed at Identify the GAP Find the PAIN The MAGIC question Thank them for their help Ask them if they would like to know more about your program? Ask them if that sounds like something they would be excited about trying out Ask them if they would like to hear about the investment? Overcome objections Ideal situation Get credit card on the phone!

3.4.3. After Sale Add to Facebook community Why Prevent buyers remorse Prevent people from changing their minds Prevent empty restaurant syndrome Social proof for others in the group that you are good at what you do Tag and welcome them @ and introduce them, welcome them, find something interesting about them and post that in your founding members community Announce that they just signed up for the program and ask others to welcome them to your family

4. Rinse & Repeat

4.1. Carry on and repeat this process over and over again

4.2. Continue enrolling people into your program

4.3. Continue to create "founding members" up until your launch or you don't even need to have a launch if you want

4.4. Get referrals

4.4.1. Turn 1 sales into 2-3

4.4.2. All paying members to invite friends in at the discount rate (referral)

4.5. Raise prices

4.5.1. Raise prices and find the ideal market price most people are saying YES to and that will be your price online

5. Testimonials

5.1. Why

5.1.1. More proof of other successful members

5.1.2. More authority

5.1.3. More social proof

5.1.4. More sales

5.2. Ask for permission

5.2.1. Stories of others who went through same challenges

5.2.2. Screenshots of positive comments in your Facebook Group

5.2.3. Ask for permission from people to make sure it's ok with them

5.3. Examples of testimonials

5.3.1. Written

5.3.2. Video

5.3.3. Facebook group screenshots

5.3.4. Google hangout interviews

6. Action items

6.1. Make a list of everyone you will call

6.2. Start calling

6.3. Set a goal of how many people you will talk to per week

6.4. Set a goal of how many people you will talk to per day

6.5. Post up your goal in the community and make it public

6.5.1. Scientists found that making your goals public helps you achieve them by a factor of 10x

6.6. Example: "Just finished Module 3 and here are my goals?I will call x many people this week, I will get another y surveys, I will have z many strategy sessions this week"