Measuring Digital Marketing ROI

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Measuring Digital Marketing ROI by Mind Map: Measuring Digital Marketing ROI

1. What's The Goal?

1.1. Capture email addresses? Incoming phone enquiries?

1.1.1. What's the offer? Goal conversions in Google Analytics EG: Collect 100 email addresses

2. Traffic vs Conversions

2.1. Aim for 20%

2.1.1. Landing page best practice

2.1.2. EG: 500 visits required for 100 email addresses Email autoresponder to nurture leads: see Engage Email

3. Traffic Sources

3.1. Search Engines

3.1.1. Relevant keywords See Google AdWords Keyword Tool

3.2. Twitter

3.2.1. Engaging headline

3.3. Measure traffic sources in Google Analytics

3.4. Linkedin

3.4.1. Group contributions

3.5. Facebook

3.5.1. Fan Like Tab

3.5.2. Use HootSuite or Sprout Social to automate social media postings

3.6. PPC Advertising

3.6.1. Facebook Advertising

3.7. Newsletter Advertising

3.7.1. Targeted Newsletter Ad

4. Time required to implement