Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorders by Mind Map: Eating Disorders

1. Media Effect

1.1. Blogs

1.2. instagram accounts

1.3. magazine models

1.4. thinspiration pressure

1.5. Television shows with skinny actresses

2. Psychological View

2.1. reasons why your brain causes you to feel this way

2.2. Psychological reasoning behind eating disorder

2.3. psychological cures

2.4. Psychological statistics and quotes from psychologists on eating disorders

3. Different Types of Eating Disorders

3.1. Anorexia

3.2. Bulimia

3.3. Binge eating

3.4. Binge and Purge

4. Prevention

4.1. High self esteem

4.2. staying away from thinspiration blogs

4.3. good secure friend group

4.4. Healthy diet and exercise

4.5. look for warning signs in other friends and tell an adult before is gets serious

5. Signs that eating disorder my be present

5.1. Constant talk about body of weight

5.2. depression

5.3. skipping meals

5.4. yellow teeth from constant purging

5.5. eating in extreme amounts