Phylum Mollusca

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Phylum Mollusca by Mind Map: Phylum Mollusca

1. Bivalvia

1.1. Body: Shell made of calcium carbonate

1.2. How & What it Eats: Water passes through gills and carried by mucous strands on the cilia to stomach; Eats phytoplankton and small particles of decaying plants and animals

1.3. Movement: water movement, small or large foot

1.4. Picture:

2. Polyplacophora

2.1. Body: Shell consists of 8 articulating plates

2.2. How & What it Eats: have rasp-like mouth parts to remove algae from rocks

2.3. Movement: Live on intertidal rocks

2.3.1. Included

2.3.2. Included

2.3.3. Excluded

2.4. Picture:

3. Gastropoda

3.1. Body: Single large shell with 3 layers

3.2. How & What it Eats: grazers and suspension eaters

3.3. Movement: Move on their stomach

3.4. Picture:

4. Cephalopoda

4.1. Body: Streamlined body; Have tentacles, fins, and a dorsal side; can change color to camouflage

4.1.1. Materials

4.1.2. Personel

4.1.3. Services

4.1.4. Duration

4.2. How & What it Eats: Eats small fish, crabs, and other squid through its mouth

4.3. Movement: Fins to change direction and tentacles to swim

4.4. Picture: