77329 Working with Communities

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77329 Working with Communities by Mind Map: 77329 Working with Communities

1. Module 1

1.1. Community

1.1.1. Defining community Communities of place Postcode deprivation Communities of interest Excluded groups Community and identity

1.1.2. Historical context Community development in Aotearoa Indigenous peoples and community Maori perspectives on communiy Pasifika perspectives on community

1.1.3. Community development Definitions Models Asset Based Community Development Maori models Community organising

1.1.4. Community engagement Definitions Community need Public agencies Methods Participation Partnership Coproduction

2. Module 2

2.1. Capacity building

2.1.1. Community learning & development

2.1.2. Assessing community needs

2.1.3. Community based services

2.1.4. Community organisation

2.1.5. Building inclusive communities

2.1.6. Social capital

3. Module 3

3.1. Community-led research & evaluation