Copy of Re-Volv Storytelling Discovery

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Copy of Re-Volv Storytelling Discovery by Mind Map: Copy of Re-Volv Storytelling Discovery

1. We're really excited to be building something that changes that

2. What is the most important problem or pain point [project] is solving?

2.1. Dean:

3. Group Games

3.1. Visioning Game

3.1.1. Prep We rotate from person to person, so each person has a short ant of time to prepare next answer. It is five years in the future. Each participant gives one sentence that begins with "A frequent, visible sign that [project] has changed the world is..." Example: "A sign that Wikipedia has changed the world is that children in developing countries have access to more knowledge than the president of the united states did a decade ago." Example: "A sign that Facebook's has changed the world is that people will know how many friends they have in common instantly when meeting." (a confluence of many features: social graph, mutual friends, mobile, search, etc)

3.2. On The Spot Game

3.3. Persona Game

3.3.1. Prep Participants are separate or in small groups Participants form sentences using this format: "I am a [PERSONA] and I want [project] because [MOTIVATOR]. Example: I am a lawyer and I am excited to use LawGives because it will help me be more efficient in my pro bono work.

3.3.2. Play Soccer Mom from Denver Leave a healthy planet for my kids. Member of Synagogue Helps further our mission. Youth climate activist This is an innovative way to put up solar Student with not much money The money I invest will multiply Climate deniar Believe in energy independence and sticking it to the utility. Local Neighborhood Resident More solar in the 'hood. Wealthy Jewish Business Man Want to see a Synagogue take the lead on energy.

4. Solo Games

4.1. Freeform Convo

4.1.1. Play

4.1.2. Camilo Always struggled to get people to commit to activities. People would back out at the last minute etc. Found out that others face the same problems. Found a subset of organizers that would get prepayment up front. Made people send them money before the activity to make sure they would be committed. Use money to get people to commit. Goal of Video: Target investors, may have broader application though?

4.2. User Experience

4.2.1. Play

4.3. Concision Game

4.3.1. Prep Participants are separated Each participant answers each question using one (non-run-on) sentence. The aim is to be comprehensive and concise. They can think about the answer for 30 secs before giving it.

4.3.2. Play WHY Why does the world need [project]? How will the world have changed in five years if [project] is successful? Why are you personally working on this? WHAT What is [project]? What makes [project] different from other similar projects? HOW Why is your team uniquely qualified to succeed at what you're setting out to do? How will [project] acquire users/members? What is your primary responsibility?

4.4. Adjectives Game

4.4.1. Prep Participant generates a list of one-word adjectives that describe [project]. Then they prioritize them. innovative collective Growth potential sensible Andres innovative creative community-based grassroots forward thinking young empowering Dynamic Powerful inspiring welcoming new radical

4.4.2. Play Project Team

4.5. Metaphor Game

4.5.1. Prep Participant tells us what [project] is in the following contexts. The sentence should be formed like: "[project] is a METAPHOR because REASON."

4.5.2. Play Something found in a kitchen Slow-cooker that only gets hotter and hotter. Can opening because it gives you the ability to take direct action. Animal in the wilderness The lead haron, taking the community forward. Jaguar because it's fierce and fast moving and sleek and agile. Body part Hips, keeping things in motion. The feet, because we're not just talking about it––we're walking the walk. City part Bus driver, getting everyone from where we are to where we should be. A community garden because it's lots of people coming together to create something that they all share.

4.6. Child Game

4.6.1. Prep

4.6.2. Play I help everyone understand nature. So we can have electricity from the sun. We aren't producing smotke.

4.7. Haiku Game

4.7.1. Prep Participant writes a Haiku poem about [project] (5 syl, 7 syl, 5 syl).

4.7.2. Play

5. Inbox

5.1. Social problem with a payment solution

5.2. Consumer side of things not long term bet

5.3. There is a backend for merchants that shows info about who is joining.

5.4. Organizers are lifeblood of company.

5.5. Organizers, Merchants, Consumers

5.6. Similar sites like crowd tilt


5.7.1. Organizers are key segment, but biz brings in the $.

5.7.2. Experiences

5.7.3. Commitment

5.7.4. Why doesn't this exist? (obvious problem like Doodle)

5.8. INVESTORS!!!!

6. Concepts

6.1. Points to hit

6.1.1. Problem

6.1.2. Solution

6.1.3. Traction

6.1.4. Business model

6.1.5. Market size / opportunity

6.1.6. Competition

6.2. Derrick Sample Script

6.2.1. Dude in office

6.2.2. Frustrated

6.2.3. Voiceover: This is Bob. He owns a house in blah. Why is he so pissed? He can't fill the space.

6.2.4. His neighbor Max. Hangin in the sun.

6.2.5. One month before - split screen.

6.2.6. One guy ignores Pay By Group, other guy uses it.

6.2.7. Description: What Pay By Group is.

6.3. Funny shit

6.3.1. "I like doing everything in groups" - show four normal scene, one wacky scene

6.3.2. Herding cats - release cats in office

6.3.3. Skydiving?

6.4. Micah Script 1: Camilo

6.4.1. WHY (Problem / Solution) Hey, I'm Camilo Started this because friends are awesome But it's a pain in the ass Personal story We realized this is a problem for everyone who tries to organize friends to do things But an even bigger problem for the people selling the shit So we created Pay By Group to solve both problems So more people can have fun with their friends, and more merchants make money.

6.4.2. WHAT (Product / User Story) Let's show you how it works. So let's say you're planning a blah. You go on X website, it's too expensive to do alone but would be cheaper and more fun with friends. Click Pay By Group button Go through the process of getting group together Nobody pays until everyone's committed

6.4.3. HOW Business Model seg: Problem solved not just for organizer, but for merchant, and that's how we make money Traction seg: And the business model is working. Competition seg: And we're growing rapidly, and nobody's seriously competing with us. There are others doing group buying, but nobody's focusing on merchants, which is where the money is. Team We rock.

6.4.4. CLOSE It should be painless to have the experiences you want with the people you care about.

6.5. Walkthrough

6.5.1. Find something that looks fun to do with friends,


6.6.1. People want to do things together, but