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Chiropractor by Mind Map: Chiropractor

1. Chiropractors earn a mean salary of $132,000.

2. more than 40% of the chiropractor in the united state own their own clinic

3. chiropractor in the U.S recieve 190 million patients anually

3.1. A Chiropractor relieves pain.

3.2. 4 out of 5 people in the world have experienced back pain.

4. Health Classes

4.1. High School:

4.2. College:

4.3. DC/Phd Degrees required.

5. Chiropractor school requirements

5.1. first they need to start by getting a high school diploma.

5.2. After getting their high school diploma they can either get their undergraduate degree or bachelor's degree.

5.3. After obtaining their bachelor's or associate degree they will have to attend to a accredited chiropractic school to study for a doctor of chiropractic degree.

5.4. Requirements to in enroll in a college or university are minimal. Most all educational institutions accept student who have ether their high school degree or GED. Some school have strict requirements to enroll.

6. Chiropractors usually work in offices that are clean and comfortable.