MUE 310: What can kids do?

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MUE 310: What can kids do? by Mind Map: MUE 310: What can kids do?

1. What can kids do socially?

1.1. birth-6 mo

1.1.1. Twins "talking"

1.2. 6 mo-2 yr

1.2.1. Listen to Commands/Vocalise

1.2.2. Dancing together

1.3. 3-4 yrs

1.3.1. memorize songs and sing in group

1.3.2. sings in tune with range of five pitches, d to a

1.4. 5-6 yrs

1.5. 6-7 yrs

1.5.1. Kids are able to play duets with others and enjoy music with them.

2. What can kids do related to using their voices?

2.1. birth-6 mo

2.1.1. Match pitch and imitate sounds

2.1.2. Beat boxing baby

2.2. 6 mo-2 yr

2.2.1. Sing along to songs without matching pitch/missing pitches

2.2.2. playing instruments like piano enjoy the noise

2.2.3. singing to a song but off beat and pitch

2.3. 3-4 yrs

2.3.1. reproduces nursery rhymes and childhood chants

2.3.2. recurring rhythmic and melodic patterns.

2.3.3. Discovers between speaking and singing voices

2.4. 5-6 yrs

2.4.1. Begins to have expressive control of the voice

2.4.2. Sings songs spanning two octaves

2.5. 6-7 yrs

2.5.1. Have the ability to change pitch and add vibrato

3. What can kids do related to moving to music?

3.1. birth-6 mo

3.1.1. Generalized body movement

3.1.2. Moving to Dad playing guitar

3.2. 6 mo-2 yr

3.2.1. Rocking, bouncing, and waving arms

3.3. 3-4 yrs

3.3.1. Invents and imitates new movements.

3.3.2. Practices known movements by repeating them.

3.3.3. Can perform simple action songs and game songs

3.4. 5-6 yrs

3.4.1. Begins to develop rhythmic clapping and patting

3.4.2. Can perform simple folk dances in circles and lines

3.5. 6-7 yrs

3.5.1. Are enable to create follow a routine and memorize some of the movements at this age.

4. What can kids do with instruments?

4.1. birth-6 mo

4.1.1. Can shake rattles

4.1.2. Chair drumming

4.1.3. Can play piano

4.2. 7 mo-2 yr

4.2.1. Kids can play shaking instruments (rattles, jingle bells)

4.3. 3-4 yrs

4.3.1. Longer periods of rhythmic regularity.

4.3.2. Sensitivity to pulse.

4.3.3. 1) In this video, a four year old is playing the piano. He uses both hands and is able to perform eye and hand coordination. He able to focus his attention on playing for a longer period.

4.4. 5-6 yrs

4.4.1. Begins to develop small muscle coordination

4.5. 6-7 yrs

4.5.1. Have a higher level of eye-hand coordination and sustaining a longer rhythm.

4.5.2. Basic Hand and Eye Coordination

4.5.3. Kids are able to learn how to play an instrument and play songs on it quite well.

5. What can kids do related to creating music?

5.1. birth-6 mo

5.1.1. Pounding on table

5.2. 7 mo-2 yr

5.2.1. Babbles in irregular rhythmic patterns

5.3. 3-4 yrs

5.3.1. Invents spontaneous songs with discrete pitches and recurring rhythmic and melodic patterns

5.4. 5-6 yrs

5.4.1. Begins to develop rhythmic clapping and patting

5.5. 6-7 yrs

5.5.1. The ability to recreate songs they have heard and repeat them in a different style.

6. Things we have questions about

7. Things we learned from Engagement 1

7.1. Don't give directions after kids have instruments

7.2. Think about prestige instruments

7.3. Make it a game

7.4. kids pick up movements fast

7.5. like animals

7.6. kids elaborate without being prompted

7.7. fast learners about just about everything

7.8. a few kids that didn't want to participate