Community Observation

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Community Observation by Mind Map: Community Observation

1. When & How Long?

1.1. 1 month: End of March / early april and approx month after that

2. Recruitment

2.1. Submit info to Dal publications

2.1.1. example from another study C. Notification of Research Project Emerging Health Researchers and the Commercialization of Academic Science To all Researchers at the Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building and the Life Sciences Research Institute, I am writing to notify you of a research project approved by Dalhousie University's Social Sciences and Humanities Research Ethics Board (REB) that will take place at the Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building and the Life Sciences Research Institute (LSRI). The project is being led by myself, Kelly Holloway, a postdoctoral fellow at Dalhousie University. This research seeks to understand how commercialization is present in the everyday work of emerging health researchers (master's students, PhD students, post- doctoral fellows and research associates). I am interested in how emerging researchers interpret, value and manage the commercialization of research, and I seek to compare their experiences with established health researchers. I will be asking emerging health researchers to create a 'digital narrative' of their research. They will be given a digital video camera and asked to provide us with a tour (max. 20 minutes) of their work environment and research. Then they will be tasked with recording their own investigations into what policies with respect to intellectual property or commercialization apply at Dalhousie University. Please note: the information participants gather will be kept confidential. I am not asking for specific information related to particular research, discoveries, inventions, technologies, etc., that may be regarded as confidential and thus of a sensitive nature. I will ask participants to describe their research in detail, but will not be reporting on this detail - the description of their work is meant to illuminate the ideas and processes that come into play when doing health science research. Furthermore, data will only be available to members of the research team conducting this study, including the PI, co-investigators, and any RAs involved in the analysis. The data will be kept on password-protected computers in encrypted file format. If reported or published, the data will de-identified (i.e., stripped of any directly or indirectly identifying information). All of the researchers involved in this investigation will be vigilant about recognizing and reducing risks of re identification. We will not use the data collect for any secondary purpose (i.e. beyond the three-year research project on commercialization and emerging health researchers) without the prior review of the REB. Recruitment for this project will begin in February, but please feel free to establish contact before that time if you are interested in learning more about or participating in the study. If you have any concerns or questions about this investigation, please contact Kelly Holloway at [email protected] by January 30, 2014. You can also contact Catherine Connors, director, Research Ethics, Dalhousie University at (902) 494- 1462, [email protected]

2.1.2. Medical communications dalmedix freaking mystery how to submit

2.1.3. Today at Dal

2.2. DMNB

2.2.1. reconnect with Pam who else Keith? Jim Stephenson? Brian.

2.2.2. poster distribution who?

2.3. Staff

2.3.1. MedIT how? talk to Greg? Anna to talk to Greg

2.3.2. UGME (who?) Anne, Pam, who else? Jennifer

2.3.3. Admin DME Linda Deidre Peggy Olga to follow up

2.3.4. LRC Jacqui

2.3.5. RIM students

2.4. Faculty

2.4.1. Procomp ? Anna to talk to Lynette

2.4.2. clinical fiona keith preston

2.4.3. basic sciences Boris

2.4.4. Tom, Preston, Anne, Diane

2.5. Students

2.5.1. VP Communications Maggie Moores anna wrote her Alison Mcintyre Amy Gough [email protected] RIM students

2.5.2. Anna's contacts

2.5.3. Anna to contact - amy and nathan

2.6. finalize and distribute POSTERS

2.6.1. Tupper, CRC

2.6.2. elevators, hallways

2.6.3. faculty

2.6.4. DMNB

2.6.5. dme conference

2.7. grant people

3. Documents

3.1. Guidelines for Submission (Appendix K)

3.1.1. Link to public dropbox

3.2. Letter of information (Appendix M)

3.2.1. Link to public dropbox

3.3. Recruitment Poster (Appendix L)

3.3.1. Create QR code - link to M & K

3.4. Text for Recruitment in Medical Communications & Today @ Dal

4. email

4.1. [email protected]

4.1.1. Decide on project email name

4.2. Ask UGME about mailbox letter drop

4.2.1. DMNB too

4.3. [email protected]

5. Visual Methods Workshop @ Dal

5.1. May 5 & 6th

5.2. booked

5.2.1. $150 each