Helping Heather

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Helping Heather by Mind Map: Helping Heather

1. Benefit Ideas

1.1. Find Location for Benefit

1.1.1. Midtown Todd

1.1.2. Salvation Army

1.1.3. Wine Cafe

1.1.4. Church Our Saviors Lutheran church across from Franklin elementary. Ruth mackie

1.1.5. Perkins

1.1.6. Bar? hulligans loose moose

1.1.7. Randy is in Charge!!!

1.2. Pick a Date

1.2.1. Randy is in Charge!!

1.3. Silent Auction

1.3.1. Storage for Donations Angie Lowe is in charge!!

1.3.2. Pick up/Gather Donations Sarah Farris: Once I get back to work I would be ok with people dropping items at my work if it helps. Tina is in Charge!!

1.3.3. Donations Bethany Philipson: I can donate gift certificates from my photography business... And knitted crafts too Danielle M Kerns: I don't want to commit to donate anything until I have all the supplies I need Angie Marie: I could help Danielle with supplies, since i don't craft...I just supply & make groups! Jennifer Mans-Clark: I can donate...just let me know when. Sarah Farris: I can donate a Mary Kay basket.

1.3.4. Keep track of people/businesses that donate. Stacy is in Charge!!!

1.4. Dinner/Breakfast

1.4.1. Spaghetti Dinner

1.4.2. Pancake Breakfast

1.4.3. Donated Food from Restaurants

1.5. Entertainment

1.5.1. Anne Sweeney: Let me know if you need musicians or promotion for any fundraisers.

1.6. pay for meal

1.7. Donation for emtertainment?

2. Small Fundraising

2.1. Glow Bracelets

2.1.1. Get Bracelets

2.1.2. Make Tins

2.1.3. Organize fundraiser place and time

2.1.4. Organize meet-up to collect money

2.2. Find out about other ideas

2.2.1. Cookie Dough

2.2.2. Fundraising Day at local resturaunt Pizza Ranch McDonald's

2.2.3. Bake Sale

3. Bank Account for Funds

3.1. Heather is in charge!!

4. Modern Woodsman to meet donations

4.1. Brenda is in charge!!!

5. Flyers