Desmisha Drane Portfolio

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Desmisha Drane Portfolio by Mind Map: Desmisha Drane Portfolio

1. I learned how to explain things to my parent about the different things that goes on in class. We had to to tell them about our grades and how we got them and explains what the agency, knowledge,collaboration, written communication, and oral communication points about and how they play apart in our grades.

2. New World Project

2.1. In the new world project we learned about the past the things that all went on before our time. What all happened in the past when the war was going on. What caused the war. Who started the war and what all went on in the war and how long did it last. Also, who won the war. We learned about the British and the american war specifically.

3. Rise Of Industry Project

3.1. Railroad

3.2. We had look up stuff from back then in the past trains and train tracks. We learned about how trains delivered there items and what train track they took and what was the fastest track to travel on; how long did it take for them to build the tracks. Also, what state did it cross and how far did the train track go and how old was the track tracks. When the train track was built. Also, who built the train track and how many men it take to build it.

4. All About Me User Guide

4.1. I learned how to be creative and a different way how teacher can get closer to me and know more about me. We make up our own User's Guide base on us as if we was the product. We use different products User's Guides to help us out and give us different ideas.


5. Bucket List

5.1. Junior Year . Get grades up in order for me to help me pass. .Get on the honor roll so that i can have a high GPA. .Stay in school activities to stay fit and have something to do. . Be more determine that i won't give up easyly. .Be more focus so that i could pay more attention to important things. .Stay out of trouble and stop hanging out with the wrong people so i won't get kicked out of school. .Pass each and every class so that i wont have to do them over again. .Study hard that i can know and learn the stuff i need to know. .Find a prom date so that it wont be last min. and to late. .Study the old stuff from my junior year and prepare myself my senior year so it won't be anything i forget and have to go back over it my senior year. Senior Year .Take it seriously so that i can graduate from high school and it would be trying to caught up at the last min. .Keep my head so that i can stay ahead .Do extra studying when i have the chance to so theat it coiuld improve my learning .Do some extra reading so that it could improve my reading and comprehension skills. .Do extra work so that i can get my grades to be higher. .Keep grades up at a "A" and "B" so i can get accepted in a good college or any college i want to go to. .Start thinking about about what career i want to do in college so that it won't know what i want to do. .Make sure i have a plan A and B just incase one career don't go right. .Make sure i start look at some colleges that i might want to attend and feel comfortable with. .Make sure i apply for some colleges so that i can have some to choose from. .Make sure that im on the honor roll so i can work across the stage .Make sure i get my diploma that i can get in a good college. College Year . Get a car so that i can have transportation .Make sure i learn how to do my own laundry so i know how to clean my clothes while im at college .Make sure im organized so that im not just all over the place and get frustrated .Have a job so that i can make money. .Save money so i could have money to spend for college .Know what classes i want to take for my career .Make sure i know my schedule for i can know where im going .Make sure i dont get distracted so that i can stay on task. .Make I know how to work in groups well just in case we have group assignments .Make sure i work on my correct grammar skills just in case i have to present .Work on presentation skills so that they will improve .Make sure i take classes that have something to do with my career .Study hard everynight so i can know what im suppose to do. .Don't fool around so i won't be behind .Join a club and run for leadership position Ten Year Plan .Get a better job so i can support myself .Save money for an apartment or house. .Move out my mothers house so i can be on my own. .Buy an apartment so i can have somewhere to live. .Save more money to buy a brand new car .Buy a car for transportation .Get settled down and make sure i got everything together .Find time to have some fun time so that i won't be bored. .Find a good man so that i won't be lonely .Make sure he have sure he got a job so he can proved for us .Get married .Have kids .Then buy a bigger house for our family

5.2. We had to make a bucket list on what goals we want to accomplish during each year of school and all the way until we graduate from college. I learned how to plan stuff and try to stick to a goal until I accomplish it.

6. Student Led Conference

7. Olympic Press Project


7.2. We had to make a website based on our skiers and mines was Kris Freeman. I posted things on there that would catch people eyes that people may or may not know about Kris Freeman and told about his life through some picture with like side note under them explaining why I posted it and what was going on in the picture . I showed little videos that was about him. Kris Freeman himself explaining a little more stuff about himself that i may or may not have covered. Also, I show little clips showing how he ski and stuff. I put fun facts about him and shared a little information about his team and what was skiing and about skiing and the equipment that they had to wear to ski and protect themselves and etc. So pretty much I kind of learned a lot about how to research deep information and how to make an amazing website page to catch people attention.

8. Potus Project


8.2. I learned deep information about my president Ronald Reagan Like what did he like to do. What was his hobbies like he like to play golf,horse back riding,ranch work, and more. what did he use to do before becoming the president like he was an actor and was successful at that. Also, what was his nickname when he was a child and it was dutch and how he was as a person he was a very motivating and tried very hard to keep his word that he gave to people......More.