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Imperialism by Mind Map: Imperialism

1. Definition

1.1. A country or empire expanding to other lands with the use of authority, or domination by political, economic, or military means.

2. Europeans

2.1. Europeans recognized the wealth and resources that could be provided by the new lands they have discovered.

2.2. Established control over the indigenous population and enslaved them, or traded with them to acquire resources

2.3. Built many colonies to gather resources and to run their colonial empire

2.4. Colonies were built to improve European wealth

3. Natives

3.1. Had christianity forced on them

3.2. Became reliant on European goods, there for the Europeans controlled the economy

3.3. Got diseases such as smallpox

3.4. Some natives in areas such as Africa and South America were enslaved

3.5. Their life style changed drasticly

3.6. Got caught in European wars and battles

4. Pros

4.1. Helped to modernize Europe

4.2. Made Europe wealthy

4.3. People knew the Earth was a sphere after the age of exploration began

4.4. Acurate maps were created

4.5. "Connected" the world

4.6. The Common Wealth countries were formed due to exploration and conquering of other lands

5. Cons

5.1. Lots of non white and Christian people became slaves

5.2. Natives died from European diseases such as Smallpox and Measles

5.3. Brought many animals close to extinction

5.4. Destroyed native peoples way of life

5.5. Caused some civilization to perish

5.6. Many settlers died from scurvy, cold, and lack of food

5.7. Took over places in which indigenous people have lived for hundreds and thousands of years